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    Posted September 24, 2008 by
    Wise, Virginia
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    Bailout outrage

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    How Would I Spend a Ridiculous Amount of Money?

    The original question was "How Would You Spend $700 Billion?" How would I spend that kind of money... The daydreaming begins... See the house in the photo? I'm behind 2 months on the payments. Payments are only $607 a month. In a previous iReport I explained that my Durango (also in this photo) is my family's only vehicle. My husband drives it to work about 60 miles a day when he drives from home. He usually stays at my step-brother's to save money. Why? Because it came down to paying the house payment or paying for gas so he could continue to work in a high-rated IT job for $15/hour. Yes it was a difficult decision, but one that had to be made. I've been married for almost 16 years, we've moved 13 times. The home in the photo is our very first home purchase. So yes, the first thing I would do is pay off my house. (About $80,000) Just so it would look better, I'd also buy a pressure washer, new porch furniture and new plants for my flower gardens (just don't tell my husband, he thinks I have enough as it is.. shhh). Since we're daydreaming, let's add another $1500 for that stuff. I'd also pay off my Durango (about $3,400) and buy 2 more vehicles. My daughter just turned 15, she'll be in need of a small but sturdy vehicle soon. Add another $40,000 for 2 decent vehicles. Let's add HHO to each of the vehicles too. My husband's really interested in that lately. So I'm assuming that would be another $1,000 (high estimate). My dog (see photo) started limping yesterday. I'm not sure what's wrong with her, she didn't cry like anything hurt her, she just started limping. I would take her to the vet in one of the new cars, just because I could. It may be nothing, it may be a sprain or arthritis or...? Now that all of my big stuff is paid for, I'd like to add a basement to my house. A big, full basement with great acoustics, surround sound, flat screen tv and plenty of room for our computers. I'm not even going to mention savings or anything like that. We've gone nearly 16 years without a savings account. Since all of our stuff would be paid off, we could live very comfortably on what we currently make. That covers about $200,000 and I can't think of anything else. So to "bail me out" of my current financial situation would be cheap in comparison! End of Daydream. I believe a few other iReporters have hit the best idea yet when they mentioned bailing out individuals, not companies. Instead of bailing out the companies (which doesn't help the consumer) bail out the consumers that have lost their jobs, taken pay cuts or are being threatened with foreclosure. Get homes back for those who are currently homeless because of the current administration's refusal to see the economy failing in time. More than 800,000 people lost their homes in the last half of 2007 alone. The issue has only gotten worse in 2008. In 2007, my husband was unemployed for 4 months. We got so far behind on our house payments we were facing foreclosure with no hope in sight. His father borrowed enough money from his bank to "bail us out". We're still paying that loan back and currently 2 months behind again because of gas prices.
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