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    Catholics: Your views on new pope

    What we need is a pope more liberal

    I identify myself as a Catholic but have stepped away from the church while Benedict has been pope. For all the forward progress that John Paul made in his 26 years, Benedict has taken massive steps back when it comes to equality, acceptance, and transparency in the church. It is still a mystery to me why females can't be priests. Benedict's comments towards Muslims, while toned down in his later years, hurt the relationship between this world's two largest religions. The fact that priests can't get married (something they were able to do until the middle aged to stop them from sleeping around) is questionable. And Benedict has shown how narrow-minded he is when it comes to birth control - condemning it in Africa regardless of its purpose to stop the spread of AIDS.
    Worse than anything mentioned above is his lack of response surrounding priests who were caught molesting young boys. His inaction let some priests abuse their powers and commit acts to disgusting and disturbing for words. Reports are now coming out that he may have tried to cover some of this up. If this is true, it may be too late for me to turn back to this organization.
    The next pope needs to be more liberal to match the Catholic demographic. Gen Y itself is a more liberal group and to appeal to this younger audience, the church needs to become more accepting. I'm not saying that they should start accepting homosexuality or premarital sex - if they thing that is a sin then that is their point of view. But there are some basic, easy decisions that the new pope needs to make. Let women become priests. Let priests get married. Think big picture when addressing world epidemics like AIDS. And most importantly, get the child molestation crisis under control. Proactively protect the children and instead of covering up for the priests who are committing these ungodly acts, out them and treat them like the monsters they truly are.
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