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    Salute to troops

    Happy Birthday Jessica


    I've been with Army Aviation for the last 29 years. I've truly enjoyed where my career has taken me and will cherish most the times that I've spent with my comrades and friends. I believe this is my final deployment and I will retire sometime next year, I will truly miss this organization and can't imagine a day where I don't dawn the uniform anymore. It's been a great ride.

    The hardest part of this job as you know is being away from loved ones, especially during the holidays and special moments which are meant to be celebrated together.

    My son William has just turned 20 and my Daughter Jessica will turn 19 tomorrow. They both reside in Columbia TN with their mother.

    I only wish to tell my daughter, Jessica, on March 1st Happy Birthday! and I hope she and her brother know how much I love them and miss them both. The pictures I'm attaching was the last moments I got to spend with them both in October of 2010, my daughter and her Junior ROTC department had a trap shoot to raise funds for her section. My wife Olivia and I gladly offered our services and enjoyed the time with her friends and comrades. I'm very proud of both my son and daughter's accomplishments thus far and wish them nothing but the best.

    Love Dad

    Off the record, please don't report what I'm about to explain. I'm only writing the following so you'll have some perspective of what I'm having to deal with for the last two years so you'll understand why it's so important to me that my daughter get's this message.

    October of 2010 was the last I got to spend time with both my son and daughter, and unfortunately they both have avoided me due to an unforeseen event that even I never thought would occur.

    Their mother has had a history of suffering from borderline personality to multiple personality disorder to name a few of her ailments. Unfortunately during our divorce she staged her own strangulation and accused me of doing it. During that time she had me on a restraining order and I went to great lengths to prove my innocence of the whole ordeal, to include taking a polygraph. It wasn't until the court official that interviewed us both during the divorce that she realized that she had made it all up to get me separated from our children. It was a scene out of a movie when the Judge made a ruling that granted me custody of my children; it was then that she confessed that her attorney had put her up to it and that she was sorry for having committed this act towards me. Unfortunately it had taken its toll on my kids at that time, for when I picked them up from the school my daughter was in tears and I asked what was wrong. That's when she said, "Mommy is good and Daddy is evil". It wasn't till later that I would find out the extent of my kids ordeal while I was restrained from them.

    The event that exposed my wife, Susan, at that time was when the court official asked her of the story I had mentioned to her that she told to me. She claimed that her father had sex with her while her mother watched and that was why she behaved the way she did. For three days I believed her until I confronted her sister about the event. She assured me that it never happened and I realized that she had manipulated me once again into supporting her during our marriage. It was probably one of the most dysfunctional marriages that on could have, mixed in with so much drama and suspense that I still have a hard time making out what was truth or lie. I continually found myself dealing with doctors, psychiatrists, and law enforcement both military and civilian during our marriage. It wasn't until she told me that she was working with her attorney to sue the hospital for the psychiatrist having sex with her that I realized that I couldn't go on like this anymore. Even though my kids were only 7 and 8 at the time this was the 5 known infidelity that I was aware of and made the decision to file for divorce. The actual law suit she filed claimed that the psychiatrist, 2 technicians and a chaplain had had sex with her. By then I knew she was capable of telling anything no matter how damaging it was to anyone career or life just to meet her goals.

    There's more but it would take too long to write in just this one session. During my last deployment she had made a threat to me in an email that she was working on something that would ruin my career, my relationship with my children, and land me in jail. I never thought she would use my children to reach this goal. When I returned from Afghanistan in March of 2010 I informed her that I would be picking up my children on a certain day. It was a Friday and their mother informed me on an email that she would have the children ready for me that night. I had no idea what she really had in mind. When I showed up there was nobody home and I was greeted by an individual that served me with papers. It was a restraining order to keep me from my daughter. I was devastated by this and felt the past repeating itself once again. I could only hire an attorney and wait until the court proceeding to find out what was going on. During the wait I received information that Jessica had been seeing a therapist at a sexual assault center in Nashville TN and was immediately concerned for her well being. My son was also seeing a therapist as well during this ordeal. All my voice mails to the sexual assault clinic went unanswered and it wasn't until the court proceeding that I found out that she claimed I had played some type of game with her when I had custody of them during our divorce in Hawaii. She claimed that I would lick her on the leg whenever I asked her to point at her legs. I immediately knew that her mother was behind this and I tried to find out as much as I could so I prove my innocence to her and my son once again. I finally had enough information about what she was claiming and took a polygraph to prove to them both that I knew I never committed any act of the such with her. Unfortunately both my children still believe that I committed this act, despite the NDI disclosed from the polygraph.

    I deployed in August of last year and every good tiding and wish of joyous holiday greetings, to include my son birthday of January of this year have gone with no response. From what I have discussed with family and friends that know me I will just have to wait until they both have removed themselves from their mother's influence so Jessica will realize one day that I'm not the horrible sexual deviant that she has been manipulated to believe me to be. Her mother has even compared me to Jerry Sandusky just to make matters worse.

    If it wasn't for my wife I would have had it much harder these last two years, I love her with all my heart. It's only because of her that she's carried me through this whole ordeal, she even told me that I started crying in my sleep, something that I would have never known. There was one time that prior to our current deployment that our unit had a family readiness meeting and my platoon Sergeant's daughter was being so sweet that she reminded me of Jessica. During that meeting she gave me a hug and I almost lost it in tears. Holding back the tears these days only gets harder and harder, even writing this is difficult for me. I just completed my evening workout and while I was on the elliptical I couldn't help but cry while I thought about my kids. It's hard to see other soldiers reunited with their loved ones while I know that they distance themselves from me because of this lie they're living.

    Our unit is scheduled to return in mid May and I know that it would be a miracle if they were to be there to greet me when I returned. The only reason I've felt necessary to go into so much detail about this was so you would understand why it means so much to me that they both know how much I miss them both and love them.

    Please only report the Birthday wish I've include for now if you choose to air this. Thanks. Geret
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