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    Famous seafood recipes


    A dish can attain fame can be achieved by a number of ways.



    One is it becomes widely popular and becomes the trademark of a restaurant or the chef michelin recipes who created.  So much so that queues form outside the restaurant as patrons clamor for videos cooking recipes taste.  Another gauge of its claim to fame is many other establishments start to copy the dish.
    If only a chef can patent a dish and claim royalty for his or her newly created dish that gains worldwide popularity like with composers and singers for their songs.  Unfortunately, with a recipe, a simple twist of an ingredient, spice, cooking process or presentation can already differentiate a dish with the innovator not having to acknowledge where his or her inspiration came from.

    Among the seafood-based dishes that have become world famous include crabcakes, baked scallops, prawn cocktail and bouillabaisse.  Diners who enjoy these dishes and the restaurants that serve them oftentimes do not know anymore where they originated much less the person who invented it.  A glance at the other recipes and you see that some are basic recipes like sautéed shrimp or roast lobster while others are fancily named like prawns in primavera vapor or callops Saint-Jacques with cordifole and kataifi.



    One recipe title alone “crab cake with the pistachios and olives from the Perigord region”, created Chef Luc Huysentruyt of De Snippe Restaurant sounds so appetizingly gourmet.  Though this chef surely didn’t invent crab cakes, he made it his own by modifying it, adding fruit wine vinegar, pistachio nuts and olives.  The basic ingredients still remain though: crab meat, gelatine, vegetables and sour cream.
    Feel free to do the same with your version!  Use a different kind of crab maybe?  Or make it healthier by using organic ingredients and low-fat and high-fiber ingredients.  The only limit is your imagination and willingness to experiment.
    Do not be intimidated by the lengthy bouillabaisse recipe.  A quick read of the ingredients and procedure reassures the cook of the ease of preparation.  The fish used is not even specified and you are flexible to make substitutions.  Most of the other ingredients are readily available from large the supermarket.
    As a token of respect, a chef should always give credit where it is due, even if was just getting inspiration.  Needless to say, outright copying of a dish is a no-no and leads to ethical issues like plagiarism issues are to a writer.

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