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    Posted March 4, 2013 by

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    Mass killing and Genocide in Bangladesh on 28th February, 2013

    Call it International Day for Demanding Justice
    Bangladesh, a country of South Asia, has experienced the highest number of civilian killing recorded ever in the history by the state agency for protesting a controversial verdict. At least 81 have been killed, including 4 police men, in the after-verdict violence. Supporters of Delware Hossain Sayedee, a globally acclaimed religious preacher and Islamic leader who has been sentenced to death for allegedly committing crimes against humanity during the war in 1971, take to the streets and protested the verdict. Police put down the mass protest using fire arms, guns, tear shells, charging baton and taking every other way and left the people died on the streets. Police is now licensed to carry on genocide and mass killing by the incumbent government led by Awami League and its leader Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister. Otherwise, such mass killing would not happen across the country for protesting a controversial verdict.

    Why the verdict is controversial
    The world acclaimed news magazine The Economist published a leaked Skype conversation of the former head of Bangladesh’s International Crimes Tribunal which revealed that the Tribunal’s chairman Mr. Nizamul Haq concocted policy to hang Delware Hossain Sayedee, the most popular Islamic leader of Bangladesh. The conversation also revealed that the charges placed against Delware Hossain Sayedee are ‘matters could be resolved by rural dispute resolution system’. The chairman of the tribunal also confirmed that the government was turned in to ‘mad to have verdict’. The punishment was even fixed before hearing the arguments either from the prosecution or from the defense. The justice has resigned but the plotted verdict has been handed down declaring to hang Allama Delware Hossain Sayedee.

    In Which Charges Allama Sayedee Were Sentenced to Death
    Allama Sayedee was sentenced to death in two specific charges and convicted in other charges. To put the matter briefly, focus on the two specific charges, charge 8 and charge 10, is needed.
    In charge number eight- Allama Sayedde has been accused of setting fire on the house of Manik Pashari and his brother Alamgair Pashari, looting the house, killing their servant Ibrahim Kutti and torturing another servant Mofiz. However, Alamgir Pashari was not born in 1971. The charge was made Maolana Sayedee accused of killing Ibrahim Kutti on 8th May, 1971. But wife of Ibrahim Kutti filed a case in 1972 that her husband was killed on 1st October, 1971. Even final charge sheet of the case of killing Ibrahim Kutti was placed. Maolana Sayedee was not even in the list of the accused killers of Ibrahim Kutti. How come Maolana Sayedee turned in to killer of that dead person after 40 years! Besides, the petition filed by Manik Pashari didn’t mention the event of tortures on Mofiz. This issues and papers were produced before the tribunal. But the tribunal didn’t accept the matter into cognizance.
    In charge number 10- allegation of killing Bishabali has been placed. According to the allegation, a Razakar fired on Bishabali upon the order of Maolana Sayedee. But no witness has been produced to identify who carried the killing, what was done with the dead body or other relevant issues. On the other hand, Sukhranja Bali, brother of deceased Bishabali, defense witness for Sayedee was abducted from the Tribunal premise. Still the whereabouts of Bishabali is unknown. In these charge number eight and charge number ten, the tribunal has ordered death sentence to Allama Sayedee.

    Instant Massive Protest
    Soon after the verdict declaration, the entire country burst in to protests. Maolana Sayedee is not only a popular leader, as a religious preacher he has millions of followers in Bangladesh and across the world. Numbers of followers were seen reading the Quran before the protests. From villages to towns and cities, people of all ages, male and female in some places, take to the streets. They only demanded for release of Allama Sayedee. Their protests were nothing but demanding for justice.

    Unprecedented in the History
    The state agency wages the worst stern hand to suppress the mass outbursts. Police were ordered to open fire. As per the directives of the government top-notch, police indiscriminately fired on the protesting people. Many were shot in chest and on forehead. At least five hundred supporters of Maolana Sayedee were bullet ridden. More than three thousand have been wounded in different scales. More than Jamaat and Shibir activities have been arrested. Random and indiscriminate fire have claimed the so huge number of people.
    In the record book of Bangladesh, no such mass killing in one day has been found. The genocide has been carried upon the order of the government, led by Awami League.
    During the 1952, five persons were martyred demanding voice for rights of language. The UNESCO and international community have acknowledged the day officially.
    At this point, we call the international community to call the 28th February to observe as International Day for Demanding Justice. We also demand judicial inquiry and trial of the genocide.
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