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    Scallops Saint-Jacques With Cordifole And Kataifi


    Cordifole is a wild herb used in Indian Ayurvedic and folk medicine. Similar to purslane, it has a salty, sour, and bitter taste. It is used to treat oral inflammation, asthma, and nasal congestion. In this recipe and cookery video, it is used to give exotic and wild flavors to scallops and help create an invigorating, light, and healthy dish.



    Kataifi is a very thin, vermicelli-like pastry popular in the Middle East. It is made from shredded phyllo dough also called kataifi. There are many varieties of kataifi but most of them are sweets, typically from honey and nuts, which make them crunchy and flavorful. Kataifi dough is also used to make savory appetizers, such as in this recipe, and can be made of vegetables or ground meat. While it is a delicacy in other parts of the world, kataifi is often present in many Middle Eastern bakeries.



    Made with wheat and flour, kaitafi dough is a type of phyllo dough. The dough is shredded into very thin strips rather than large sheets. Some purchase regular phyllo dough and shred the kaitafi themselves at home when it has thawed.Cooking videos can be seen to enhance cooking.


    Traditionally, Saint Jacques scallops are baked with mushrooms, white wine and cream sauce. In this recipe, the scallops are sprinkled with molten kataifi and pepper-olive sauce flavored with tomatoes, thyme, laurel, butter, and red peppers. The baked scallops are served on a bed of corifole salad seasoned with a dijonnaise or mustard dressing.


    A unique and refreshing dish, this exotic appetizer is best paired with a robust wine such as Champagne Perrier Jouet. This is an adventurous alternative to the usual scallops recipe and will make a more exciting dinner party. If you can’t find cordifole, you can also use purslane or other exotic herbs or wild greens.


    15 MIN
    15 MIN
    Recommended WineChampagne Perrier Jouet


    8 large scallops (Saint Jacques)


    4 olives


    2 red peppers


    1 onion


    2 tomatoes


    thyme, laurel, salt, pepper


    3 teaspoons clarified butter


    1 tablespoon grated kataifi (very thin vermicelli-like pastry)


    3.5 oz. cordifolia salad (a wild, Indian herb)


    2 eggs


    1 cup molten butter


    1 spoon mustard


    Preparation Instructions


    Wash scallop shells well, cut in half and sauté in a pan with clarified butter. Remove the butter from the pan.




    To make pepper-olive sauce, sauté onions in olive oil. Add finely chopped red peppers, tomatoes, thyme, and laurel. Season with salt and pepper. Cook until peppers are soft and tender. Cover the scallop shells with a pepper-olive sauce and sprinkle with molten kataifi. Place in a salamander grill to brown.




    Prepare a dijonnaise sauce. In a bowl, whisk two eggs and add olive oil to emulsify. Add mustard and mix well. Season with salt and pepper.




    Place the cordifolia, seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon juice, in the middle of the dish. Pour the dijonnaise around it and lay the scallops on the sauce.

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