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    Your thoughts on Hugo Chavez

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    What would happen soon in Venezuela.


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Colombian resident DiegoMaestre says he has no doubt that, despite the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, his socialist party will continue to hold power in the country -- for now. However, none of the country's prospective leaders, including the opposition, have the charisma or popularity of the late politician, he says. "A populist movement gets stronger around its leader, when the leader disappears the movement could break down," he says.
    - sarahbrowngb, CNN iReport producer

    Hugo Chavez has been one of the most famous leaders in recent years. The Venezuelan president not only created big transformations in his own country, but his political projects have been extended all across Latin America.

    Chavez led all kinds of projects for making the regions relationships stronger. In economics, he transformed the weak and disorganized transnational organizations like Alba, Unasur and Mercosur; into disciplined institutions with the capacity of making important decisions about the relations between the ally countries and others. In regards to ideological politics, Chavez’s 21st century socialism has found support in a lot of Latin American countries. Political Latin American parties on the left have had a favorable historic moment in last few years. That has been a great opportunity to expand Chavez's ideas about an united region. Also president's like Rafael Correa and Evo Morales have considered themselves Chavez fellows. As for the country of Colombia, Chavez's interventions where really important in bargaining the peace process. Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos recognized that after discovering Chavez's death. President Santos released a statement saying, "The best tribute to Chavez is the end of the conflict".

    In regards to Venezuelan internal politics, I am quite sure PSUV is going to continue in the presidency. Chavez just died and the popularity of a populist leader tends to increase in the moments after his death. No matter which of the two front runners Diosdado Cabello or Nicolás Maduro is the new president candidate.

    Support for Chavez may give the socialist party candidate an easy victory but it doesn’t mean things are going to be easy for PSUV from now on. Not Cabello, nor Maduro have Chavez's charisma. A populist movement gets stronger around its leader, when the leader disappears the movement could break down. For this reason, the PSUV has the difficult challenge to transform the big Chavez support that has grown over the last 13 years of his presidency, into party fidelity. On other hand this is a big opportunity for the opposition as well. For first time, until the last the presidential elections, right movements are organized and have one single leader –Enrique Capriles. With the presidents death, the core that used to cover the controversial PSUV actions, Chavez's image, have disappeared. Possibly from this moment, a country that has been divided by the positions for and against Chavez is going to be more open to here all kinds of political opinions.

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