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    Posted March 7, 2013 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Our Debt? Simple. Congress Borrowed Money From China To Bomb People In Iraq


    Are you having a hard time understanding why the U.S. Government has so much debt?
    Many people do.
    Some believe that the U.S. Government's debt is our debt; the people's debt. What an absurd idea.

    Let me propose to you that 'that the debt we have now and why we have it',' is not our debt.

    It belongs to Congress and to the rich.
    If we borrowed money from China to build new roads, schools and create jobs, we could all agree that that was a good investment. Right?
    And we should accept the responsibility of repaying China for the money we borrowed to do those things. Those things benefit all of us here in this country.
    But borrowing money to bomb the desert?
    We didn't agree to that.
    Since when should we be responsible for Congress's stupid decisions?
    Congress does it all the time- stupid stuff. Wars are at the top of the list of their stupidity.
    Defense of our country? No. But wars like Iraq? Yes.
    The problem we have is that our government buys all these new toys for their (not our) military.

    Then, Congress and the military needs to test this stuff to see how it works somewhere around the World.

    Boom! Yup, it works.
    But that costs us money.
    Who makes money from the wars that test the military's new toys?
    The rich folk do.
    So when Congress or the president take us to an unnecessary war, someone makes money.
    That 'someone' should pay back the money that was borrowed so they could make money on the war. That someone's not us.

    But here's the kicker.
    Congress expects us to pay for the war they decided to have.
    They did just that with Iraq's War.

    Wars are 'wealth transfer programs'.
    Congress, by their sequester, wants us to pay the money back they borrowed from China.
    I say, "No."
    Let those that profited on this war pay for it.
    It was an investment, right?

    Don't you invest your own money into an investment?
    Why should the middle class invest and pay for a war so some rich guy can make a buck?
    What's the benefit to us?
    Let's put this plainly, for those of you that watch FOX.
    Congress and President Bush authorized a war in Iraq, racked up the nation's credit card, and now demand that we go without so they can pay back China.
    Get it?

    It's the real 'Shock and awe' of the Iraq War.
    Congress has the gall to ask us to pay for their decisions when they don't represent us anymore. They represent their special interests.

    So Congress should ask their special interests for the money.
    And that's where we're at, Folks.
    Congress says, "Children should go without food, old people without health care, kids without more teachers, and research labs can do without more funding" so we can bomb the desert?

    I don't think so.
    When are any of us responsible for stupid choices that others make?
    If your neighbor bought a lemon for a car, you feel sorry for him but you don't go buy him a new car because he bought it.
    But Congress  now tells us we are responsible for what Congress 'bought'.


    If Congress represented the American middle class and bought us what we needed, I'd gladly accept the debt for that investment in our future.
    A new school would give us our children a return on that investment.

    But how much return do we get from a Tomahawk Missile?
    Yes, we need a military.

    But military spending has doubled since 9/11.

    Do we feel safer?

    What's the problem with having a big military?

    They get 'all' anxious just sitting around with nothing to do.

    All that pent up energy and no where to expend it.

    So, Congress finds someplace for them to go.
    We can do better.
    Americans deserve better government.

    This government no longer represents the people in the middle class.

    They represent the corporate oligarchy.
    We've killed over 900 innocent civilians with our Predators to get a couple of bad guys.
    This is not a very good investment of taxpayer's money.
    Conservatives come on my post and say we need to stop saddling our ' children, or grandchildren, with debt.
    Progressives will agree with that concept.
    "Saddling with debt" is a catchy saying, isn't it?

    It's most likely one of Frank Luntz's  phrases.

    Luntz is a wordmeister that spins the GOP ideology into simple terms for the wannabee conservatives. Wars need supporters. Luntz helps.
    "Saddling our kids with debt" should be done to assure their future- just like a college education.

    War, to me, isn't a good investment.

    Where is American's conscience?


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