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    Posted March 13, 2013 by
    Rome, Italy
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    Catholics: Your views on new pope

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Filipino priest joelsdb witnessed history Wednesday night in Rome's St Peter's Square, as the new Pope Francis emerged on a balcony to wild applause from the crowd. "The multitude from all parts of the world were ecstatic to be in the square for this beautiful occasion," he said. "This was one event that left me teary-eyed and thanking God for making me a Catholic."
    - sarahbrowngb, CNN iReport producer

    Habemus Papam!

    We yearned for these words even as the sede vacante began thirteen days ago. We wanted to hear them last night when the Conclave had its first balloting. But there was only black smoke. Towards noon today, as I sat in the classroom listening to our professor's lecture, I received messages that black smoke once again was coming out. That was for two more ballotings. So I still had the chance to get to see white smoke later in the day.

    So at late afternoon today, March 13, 2013 I went to Saint Peter's Square to join the multitude of people gathered to watch the smoke come out of the Sistine Chapel. It was a long wait. The end of the first balloting in the afternoon did not produce any white smoke and so we would have to continue waiting for the final signal of the day which would be around 7 PM. The Piazza was a sea of umbrellas. There were moments when the rain was strong, reminiscent of the day Benedict XVI announced that he was resigning from the papacy.

    Then, the smoke came out and the crowd cheered with joy. Shouts of 'Viva il Papa!" filled the Piazza. The large bell at the left tolled continuously. Chants of Salve Regina came from different directions. The clock of the Basilica read about 8pm. Everyone was excited to see the new Pope.

    Meanwhile, the brass band entered, and so did the Swiss guards and other members of the armed forces of Italy. Still some minutes later, cardinals came out and stood at the balconies of the Basilica's windows. It was time for the Pope to greet the world.

    Before the whole world saw the Pope, we hear the following words from the Cardinal:

    Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum


    Georgium Marium Bergoglio

    qui sibi nomen imposuit


    There was not much cheering at the mention of the Pope's original name, probably for different factors. First, the Latinized version made many people miss it. Second, those listening may have had a cardinal's name in mind and that, not being mentioned, made them miss the name of the new pope. All the more, since Bergoglio was not a "papabile". And But when Pope emerged in view of everyone, there was a resounding applause. The rest of this--the blessing and the words and the applause--are recorded in all the news that followed this joyful celebration.

    The multitude from all parts of the world were ecstatic to be in the Square for this beautiful occasion. True--Pope Francis was Argentinian, but his becoming Pope makes him a man for all these men and women who belong to different nations. This was one event that left me teary-eyed and thanking God for making me a Catholic.

    What amazes me are those things that were not necessarily reported by all the news. There were some miracles today. A very clear one was the weather. The rain was strong as we waited for the smoke--whether black or white. It was dark and cloudy. Then minutes after the white smoke came out, the sky began to clear. By the time Pope Francis was speaking, there was no more cloud in the sky. I even saw a star above the Basilica.

    Here are photos that captured this momentous event in the history of the Catholic Church.

    1) Pope Francis giving the blessing to the people;
    2) the crowd building up in the late afternoon;
    3) even birds waited for the smoke;
    4) white smoke issuing from the chimney;
    5) the clock's face as the people waited for the announcement of "Habemus Papam";
    6) Pope Francis greeting the faithful;
    7) Football world cup? An Argentinian priest was among the multitude who witnessed Pope Francis' first appearance.
    8) Argentinian youth celebrating;
    9) St. Peter's Square, still full of people after the new Pope had bid "Good night";
    10) at the Metro train, a nun reading Pope Francis' proclamation in the Vatican newspaper, available minutes after the Pope appeared before the crowd .

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