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    Herbed Tofu in white wine sauce


    Also known as bean curd, tofu is one of the most popular ingredients in vegetarian cooking. It is made of soymilk and has a delicate flavor with a soft and silky texture that melts in the mouth. It is often used as a substitute for meat because it is high in protein can be flavored in so many different ways and takes on various tastes, absorbing spices and seasonings very well. In this recipe, tofu is seasoned with a creamy white wine sauce for a special yet simple gourmet recipe.


    Tofu has a short shelf life so when buying, buy as fresh as possible. Bad tofu has a foul smell and taste awful. Organic tofu is best. Tofu is often packed with liquid. Before cooking, drain the liquid and rinse the tofu by submerging it in fresh cool water. If you are going to store it in the fridge for later use, place it in a clean airtight container covered in fresh cold water. The water needs to be replaced everyday to keep the tofu fresh.


    Tofu comes in many different forms. Some are firm while others are extra soft. For this recipe, firmer tofu is ideal so that it does not disintegrate into the sauce when cooking and will hold its shape well. You can also use soft tofu for this recipe, however, since it goes well with the creamy sauce. Take note that soft tofu cooks faster than the firmer ones.


    After draining the form tofu, press it down gently with a clean towel to get rid of excess water. One way to get rid of the moisture is to heat the tofu in a nonstick or Teflon pan on both sides so that the water can evaporate and you have more flavorful and taut tofu with a perfect texture.




    2 tablespoons butter
    1 1/2 tablespoons flour, all-purpose
    1/2 cup skimmed milk
    1/2 cup white wine
    1 chopped onion
    1 dash cloves - ground
    Salt to taste
    1 cup water
    200gms herbed tofu


    In a saucepan melt the butter and add flour to it. Turn off the heat and allow it to cool slightly and then add wine.


    To this add onion, cloves, and salt to taste and stir it on low flame, keep stirring. Allow it to simmer till the desired consistency is achieved.


    Add tofu and let it cook on low flame. You can serve tofu and sauce with steamed rice or pasta.

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