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    Posted March 20, 2013 by
    Madison, Wisconsin
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    Catholics: Your views on new pope

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    LOL Pope


    The election of Francis I tickles me in so many ways. The fact that he was a surprise to a highly speculative media is amazing in this day and age. His humble manner and dedication to the poor is amazing. Thats enough to elicit a happy giggle over his election.


    What makes it an all-out LOL is that he is true to Catholic doctrine and is purportedly 'polling well' with American Catholics, the majority of whom oppose Church teachings on social issues. Those who spurn Benedict's 'conservatism' and proclaim Francis a liberal because of his vocal concern for the poor will soon be stumped by his inclusion of life at its earliest stages in that category. His concern for the dignity of ALL life is neither conservative or liberal. This is what it means to be Catholic... to eschew political thinking and go for the heart of truth: love. If you really look into Catholic doctrine (and no, having gone to Catholic school as a kid doesn't count), really read the Catechism and the teachings on things like life issues, sexuality, etc., you will find them beautiful and rooted in love. There was a time when I supported the 'more common American opinion' on these matters... to say that the Church preached 'hate' for her views... that was before I was challenged to see what was really there.


    A person can spin things any way they wish to promote their point of view. I think Pope Francis - with his love of the poor - may give a clearer idea of the love and truth of the more difficult Catholic teachings simply because he has a better chance with the public than Benedict did when first elected. Benedict was a Vatican insider and close with his predecessor, who had also held 'controversial (read: Catholic) views. He didn't have a chance with the polling public from the start.


    Two final notes: Catholics inclined to discount Benedict should also study the purpose of the papacy and after doing so, read what he contributed.


    And those who want more consideration to the poor, also read your Catechism. It doesn't just speak to governments; it speaks of EVERYONE individually giving the most they can. I know people who believe they should give TEN PERCENT of their income to the poor. After they pay their taxes for the government to do so... sound like a good idea now? 


    We need to get back to our roots and I think this pope will do that. So basically, my hope is that Francis gets people to do their research, know their faith and make an informed choice. There are some beautiful faiths out there; go to one that fits you, stop railing against something that makes you unhappy and go there.... the Catholic church does not need to be a popularity contest. God knows it wasn't in the beginning.

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