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    Where is the Easter Bunny?

    So I was watching the news this morning and it came on that people are now wanting to stop using the word "Easter" because it offends people. Are you kidding me or what? Now they want to call it "Spring Egg Hunt" and the "Spring Bunny"! They have already tried to get rid of the word Christmas in exchange for "Holiday" and "Holiday Tree" so that non Christians can participate with out having to admit there is a Christ. Get over yourselves. Christmas and Easter are both Christian holidays. Its not meant for everyone no more than Ramadan is but no one has asked Muslims to change the name of that. What makes people feel as they can run over Christians? If you don't like it, don't participate. Its as simple as that. The thing that really strikes me is the fact these people wan to express their freedoms by stepping on mine.
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