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    [Kajian Post] Looking for Friendship? Economist knows it well!

    Oleh: Rachel Elizabeth Hosanna | Staff Kajian Kanopi 2012 | Ilmu Ekonomi 2011

    How incredible we are because of ‘our capability’ to be homo socius and homo economicus at the same time!

    I think, friendship is like a mosaic. No need to be the same shape and colour, the origin of neatly affixed only then will form a new pattern that is unique and beautiful. Giffen good. No matter the price will increase or decrease, our demand will be positively correlated to. Likewise, in a friendship, we no need to type the same and pleasure each person in it, thus there will be differences. We also decide whether we are to run our friendship or not dependently on availability of people deserved as our friends-their price.

    A friend is someone who understands you and accepts you for what it is. A friend is someone who is willing to make sacrifices for you and want to give what is the best there is to her. With a friend we can share without fear we uncovered a secret-guarantee and warranty.

    Looking for a best friend is like looking for the gems in a thatched barn which is great. Hard to find, but it's so worth it when found. A best friend, sometimes, is more closely related to us than even sibling family though. There are people who have many friends but does not have any friends at all. How grateful I was when I found myself turned out to be not alone live this life. See, I still have family, boyfriend, friends, and acquaintances also ... a friend!

    "Then what is the privileged have a best friend, isn't it the same with a friend?"

    Oh, of course not. It is easy for us to get acquainted and then establish friendship. But to get a best friend requires the establishment of a longer process than friendship-no defined length. What is formed in this process? Our character: me and my friends. Why our character should be formed? Because the ultimate purpose of an faithful friendship is sharing the love of each other.

    The situation we experience in this life is easy to grind our loyalty to our friend or vice versa. But if we love and appreciate our friend, a relationship that has been created will continue forever. The turmoil and existing problems will not be able to injure the integrity of true friendship.

    Talking about a relationship called friendship, how important friends for life? Very important, unimportant, or not to know? How big is their influence in everyday? Many, no, or not to disregard it? Actually, what is the price of your friend? How much you cost them?


    I have best friends. There are friends on campus, the others used to be my friends in high school. Their characters are different among each other. There are happy to comment, some are reticent to comment, some are shy, some are confident at their highest level. I mean, we’re running our friendship naturally, just the way we are.

    Matters distorted attitudes and attributes that are not ideal in a friendship-(for me and my friends) would often decorate our relationship, maybe even today. Selfishness, one form of deviance, may often stimulate 'economic sense' we are as human beings to 'set price (price tag)' for our friend. There are various parameters that we can use to determine the price of our friend. Can we value the frequency of their presence in our lives, can also rate their sacrifice for us, or a variety of other things. It's all up to us. Yes, market power to set prices is in our hands. In economics, this situation is called price maker. We are the monopolist of a friendship.

    Umm sounds not good, isn’t it? But this is the fact. A good fact, I think. Why? Because we have a great role and responsibility to make decisions for maximizing our profit (happiness).

    Departing from the fact that the position of each human being in a friendship is a price maker, how can we determine the price of our own best friend? When we’re numbering, between 1-10 with the provisions of 1 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest, which number we will provide for our friend?


    The answer to all questions above is actually seeking for more qualities of you as a companion. Put it this way, the correlation between the quality of a friend with a price is positive: the higher the quality of a thing then the higher the price of a thing. Correlation between the level of the individual prices in companionship with friendship itself is also positive: the more expensive individual prices, the more valuable a friendship he can attain. If you find that your qualities as a friend is good enough (expensive), be grateful. But if your answers indicate that you are not a qualified friend a.k.a slutty friend.. let's move quickly before you lose your best friend!

    Based on my experience, the law of sowing-reaping really happen in a friendship. When you sow goodness and faithfulness in it, undoubtedly they will fulfill your friendship. In contrast, when arrogance and manipulation that are embedded in your friendship then hatred and Division that you (and your friends) reap. Once again, the choice is yours completely. You specify everything in your friendship!

    “Whoops! Is its true? I mean, in a friendship we’re talking about me and my friends, right? It’s not only about me and my self.”

    Well, that is the key to a friendship that is often forgotten: how my dear friend and your friendship is a reflection of your own self. In my opinion, if we want to be loved, we have to do love. If we want to be appreciated then of course we appreciate other people first. Now, if we judge our friends less loving and appreciating ourselves... have we loved and appreciated them already?

    Your friend is (like) yourself. All the things you're doing against your friend, it means you do on yourself. You are not worth more than a friend. Best friend is as precious as yourself.

    Let us be grateful for our friendship. Let's keep this special relationship! Appreciate your best friend as you respect yourself. There is no another price tag! Their price is yours at all.

    Have a precious friendship!
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