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    Iranians Celebrate Fire Festival

    Tehran: 50 bins were set on fire and a Saderat bank was attacked by the youth
    Shiraz: A police car set on fire while people were chanting: Damn with high prices, Mullahs, you will be toppled
    Ahwaz: hit and run clashes of youth with suppressive forces in different parts of the city
    Zanjan: While some youth threw grenades on repressive forces others celebrated the festivities despite warnings not to venture out
    Karaj: The sound of handmade bombs and grenades were reported across the city

    Iranian people and youth in Tehran and various cities across the country celebrated the Fire Festival (Chaharshanbe-Suri) despite threats propagated in State controlled media by officials, and increasing suppressive measures and maneuvers engineered weeks ahead of the celebrations.
    ILNA state news agency reported more than 100 “incidents” during the festival while sources have said “ 50 garbage bins had been set on fire” in various parts of Tehran; a gesture reminiscent to the Ashura anti-government protests of 2009, which shook the governing infrastructure.
    According to information received from various contacts in Iran In western parts of Tehran, including Hashemi Street, Andishe, Istanbul intersection, Khosh area, Sina Street, Tup-khane, Imamzadeh, Shahabdolazim and many other districts of Tehran as well as 12 cities throughout Iran, young people welcomed fire festival by setting up fires and hand made bombs and bins.
    In several instances the State Security Forces’ (SSF) patrols tried but failed to prevent the youth from setting up fires.
    A report from a contact in touch with our source said : People are weary and incredibly dissatisfied of the turn of events in Iran, suppression, incredible inflation and rising poverty. They dislike the situation much and of course like to do anything to revert it. They did their best to participate in the celebrations that were supposed to be banned.”
    Another contact had reported that in their quarters, people displayed their dissatisfaction by even dancing and gathering around fires and blowing up crackers. He had said that in one district people had set ablaze a canapé. He had aid :”It’s probably because poverty is a reality and with the rising prices its difficult. Some people even had left earlier to go for vocations, but even so , people did come out.”
    Other places there were clashes which broke out when the SSL did try to intervene.
    In northern Tehran, at 20:30, the youth attacked the Saderat bank branch in this area.
    In Lavasan, people welcomed Fire Festival by setting large fire and exploding firecrackers. Police patrols did not dare to approach the young protesters.
    In Ma’aly Abad district of Shiraz, people were chanting: Damn these high prices, mullah, you will be toppled. Brave young men set fire to a police car on Chamran Street before a special unit came to the scene.
    In Nishabour Square, people raised an air balloon. Some people set up fire on their rooftops.
    In Zanjan, fireworks started from 17:00h. The suppressive forces were deployed in the streets at one meter apart from each other. Even army officers were used to assist the repressive forces, but the young threw grenades at their feet.
    In the city of Karaj, fireworks became more widespread after the sunset and sound bombs and hand grenades could be heard from different parts of the city. SSF and plainclothes refrained from approaching the assembly points out of fear.
    In Ahwaz, the city was crowded. In Kian Pars district, SSF agents had tried unsuccessfully to disperse the youths. Young people in various parts had skirmishes with mercenaries. People, especially in Golestan district - Saat Square, Lashkarak and railroad were firing in the air.
    In Sanandaj, the mullahs’ regime deployed special anti-riot unit and other suppressive agents in various parts of the city, and established an undeclared martial law. A significant part of mercenary soldiers have been deployed to Sanandaj from Kermanshah.
    The approaching presidential elections is a dangerous cliff which will stir the simmering discontent and Iranian officials with increasing infightings among high ranking elites, have been weak in curbing crises which have plunged the Supreme leader into a reclusive position.
    The shaky position has jeopardized the Supreme leader’s defensive against any uprising in the near future
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