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    Posted March 28, 2013 by
    stockholm, Sweden
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    Warship from the 17th century appeared today in central Stockholm, Sweden


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Residents of Stockholm, Sweden, had long heard rumors that somewhere beneath the waters surrounding the city lay a 17th century shipwreck, but iReporter Hylin and his compatriots were stunned when low water levels revealed that not one, but two ancient warships had emerged on the city's small island of Kastellholmen this week. Experts from the city's maritime museum have taken wood samples to see if the ships were originally from Denmark -- which fought a series of wars with Sweden in the 17th century. The main ship that is visible is thought to be as big as the Vasa - a famous 17th century warship that sunk in the harbor and is now spectacularly on display in Stockholm's maritime museum. "Everyone was very excited and happy about the new attraction," he said. "People were unusually talkative and willing to just chat - even to strangers. I had a feeling of pride - it's not often one can actually touch and feel history like this." It is not clear what will happen to the ships' remains, but archaeologists are racing to preserve as much as possible before water levels rise again.
    - sarahbrowngb, CNN iReport producer

    Warship from the 17th century appeared today in central Stockholm, Sweden.
    An exciting new tourist attraction has suddenly appeared in the center of Stockholm. There are two shipwrecks from 17th century, of which one of the boats have been sighted in the past - but the other come as news to the Maritime Museum's experts.

    But one must hurry. Soon these extreme low water levels will go back to normal and the ships disappears once again in the dark waters.

    Absolutely amazing to see my old Stockholm surface, says Anne-Marie Algemo. I didn't know about the wreck but became very curious when I saw the people and all the commotion. It’s amazing!

    The rumors of a is a sunken ship at the site have been circulating for long. Major newspapers are writing about the, before hidden, historical treasure now appearing in the waters of Stockholm. And the result of the news are spreading fast. A steady stream of curious Stockholmer’s and foreign tourists are arriving by foot to the small island Kastellholmen to admire their new attraction - a walk of about seven minutes from center of town.

    The wreck is around 30 meters long and 6.5 meters wide. Ship size has originally been much larger. The design judging, it is most likely a warship, writes curator Jim Hansson at the Maritime Museum's blog (http://www.sjohistoriska.se/sv/Fordjupning/Blogg/marinarkeobloggen/Jim-Hansson/En-orlogsman-tittar-upp-ovan-ytan/).

    "I have not seen the ship since the 1940's," says Anders Larsson with a smile. "The water was as low as that guy jumped among the stones on the wreck. Now you have to be a little more careful"

    More and more people are walking in the sunny, but cold, spring day. "Oh, what a wonderful Easter gift! You have got to come here! "Exclaims a young woman with a pram in her phone before she hurries on.

    Anders Larsson laughs: "Yes, best to get here now. Take the opportunity. Because you can not know if you ever get to see the wreck again"

    Many of the visitors stand on shore but some, a bit more adventurous, are on the rocks in the middle of the wreck. Almost everyone is talking about what they read in the papers; that it could be the ships ’Grey Wolf’ or ’Large Dragon’ which Sweden brought back after a victorious battle against the Danes in the Ebeltoft Bay 23 of July 1659.

    Anders Larsson says: "Experts from the Maritime Museum was here today and took wood samples to investigate where the wood of the wreck comes from and where the timber has grown” He point his finger out towards the water: ”I read that there could be over 50 shipwrecks out there from as far back as 14th to 15th century” He suddenly goes quiet and thoughtful.


    He takes a deep breath and sighs: "Profound"

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