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    What the late 1960s really looked like

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    My mom in Korea during the 1960s


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     dlim3 shared photos of her mom and her mom's friends in the late 1960s in South Korea. She says '60s fashion was classy with a touch of fun. "People for the first time started to dress out of the ordinary -- breaking traditional trends -- but at the same time keeping it classy." Even in South Korea, she says, the fashion mirrored that of the United States, though she notes women in South Korea wore more pants and button-up shirts.
    - PM91, CNN iReport producer

    The above picture is my mom in her school uniform. 2:  she's in the long sleeve striped button up. 3: the tie and bell bottoms 4: in the floral dress and white cardigan.


    I caused quite the chaos in my household when I would peruse through my mom's old albums--disorganizing the pictures, randomly framing them around the house, and sometimes losing her most beloved, irreplaceable photos. Well, this time, I showed her the iReport assignment and said, "I think it would be cool if people could see what was fashionable in Korea during the 1960s." She agreed and together, we picked out her favorite ones.


    These are photos from the late 1960s to the earlier decade. She was in middle school-early high school during these photos. Later in college, she studied fashion design and pottery. When I visited Daegu (her hometown) while living in South Korea last year, everyone told me how she was the fashion queen of the town and always loved to dress up and have fun. This was affirmation to my disposition for stealing her clothes and making an apparatus out of her closet--via cutting up her most adorned clothes. I guess it is true! Like mother, like daughter!

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