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    Posted March 30, 2013 by
    South Korea
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    North Korea crisis: Your views

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    Give freedom to people in North Korea, but not its regime


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     iReporter and student Seongmin Lee now lives in the South Korean capital of Seoul after fleeing from North Korea. He says the most important thing North Koreans need right now is information -- a precious commodity in such a reclusive, isolated regime where all aspects of people's lives are tightly controlled. "If the international community just sends food, and doesn't look at about things that people in North Korea really need, then the North Korean regime will never change and never give freedom to its people," he said. While much of the threats issued by North Korea are rhetoric, he says the international community must be involved in finding a solution to the crisis, and to the threat of nuclear proliferation. "International cooperation is very important, and the international society needs to send a strong message constantly toward North Korea not to develop nuclear weapons," he said.
    - sarahbrowngb, CNN iReport producer

    I am from North Korea. I used to live in one of the border cities between North Korea and China. I live in South Korea now. Please excuse my English but I feel, the world needs to hear.


    The tensions between South Korea, international community and North Korea has been growing up rapidly since the UN security council issued a resolution condemning the latest of North Korea's third nuclear test and the joint military exercise between South Korean and U.S. army.


    Actually, some of us feel like an atmosphere of warfare due to the news media and newspapers have kept saying about the increasable war-threats from North Korea. Even though there have been considerable provocations from the North Korea historically, this time nuclear threat seemed more serious. I think, there are something that we can do to end this dangerous situation this is not only serious problem on the Korean peninsula, but also serious threat against the international security.


    At this moment, I think there are something we can do to end this dangerous situation. If we have a closer look into the North Korea there are almost 23 million people who don't have basic human rights, even freedom of speech, expression and moving. They also have been served for and pressured by the horrible dictatorship. Literally, I would say peoples’ life in North Korea is almost prison life, but lost of them who don’t know about this.


    The UN security council's resolution and sanction against North Korea it's important, but I think, also importance is that the international society can take a more profound interest in the peoples' situation in North Korea, so we can do something like increasing awareness on human rights violation in North Korea. If the International society does this as one body towards North Korea’s systematic human rights violation, then North Korea feel considerable pressure, and consequently the people in North Korea could have a better life.


    We can give them more information about outside the North Korea, so they could compare with outside world and recognize it which is true or false by themselves, if once happen this, even reclusive regime couldn’t avoid its country’s reform and consequently people in North could have a better life and the nuclear threat from North Korea could disappear. Actually this is what the reclusive regime the most worried about. But when the world make a progress towards increasing awareness on human rights violation in North Korea patiently we could achieve this goal someday we hoped.


    This might be off the topic, and there are lots of grammar problems (even problems in my thoughts) in the sentences. In terms of this situation, I think the war never happen again like second Korean war, I think verbal threats from North Korea is not a war purpose, but just for its young leader’s power consolidation necessary from inside and outside requirement. But in some case, no one knows what’s gonna happen. Clearly at this moment, there are 23million people live like in a prison life, and approximately 200,000 people are imprisoned in several politic concentration camps, some of who are tortured, publically executed who were condemned for just watched South Korean drama, read a bible, met South Korean people, etc, something like that.
    Once again, please don’t judge my English. I know my English is so horrible. I just wanted to say and share something with you about North Korea, who has lived both North Korea and South Korea.
    Thank you. -Seongmin

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