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    Posted April 3, 2013 by
    West Hollywood, California

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    Hip-Hop Artist TMAC And Singer/Songwriter Tori Quinn Continue To Gratify Fans With Release Of New Single “Alone”


    When the David Harrison Levi Oscars Pre-Party listed Troy MacFarland as “The Innovator” in its roster of entertainers to perform on stage in 2011, the organizers of the Beverly Hills red carpet show were not hyperbolizing. Hip-Hop artist Troy MacFarland AKA “TMAC” is indeed the innovator who is making waves in the music world, producing some cutting edge radio worthy tunes and provoking critics to ponder on just where he will take hip-hop music in the future. This week’s release of “Alone” ft. Tori Quinn is yet another installment of TMAC’s brilliance as an artist, a talent further magnified by Quinn’s elegant, yet sexy, style and angelic voice. The video for the single, artistically filmed in back and white, is already circulating on social media and music websites and could be a tantalizing taste of what is to come for these two highly accomplished artists.


    Coming from Fargo, North Dakota, TMAC has already dominated the music charts in his home state and is now furthering his career nationally. He is not only a performer, but also a songwriter and producer who has worked with other artists and producers all around the world. In 2010, he produced Kris Searle’s single “Warning Signs” (ft. Darnell Swallow) that went on to earn both Searle and TMAC the Los Angeles Music Award for Best Electronic Dance, and Searle a Grammy nomination consideration. Perhaps his greatest collaboration with Kris Searle, however, was for the production of Searle’s new album “Dawn of Momentum” (recently re-released on iTunes with bonus material). The hit single “Starfire” ft. TMAC was well received in both Europe and the United States.


    “TMAC is truly a musical prodigy if I ever saw one,” says West Hollywood Entertainment Advocate John Carvalho. “The songs he creates are some of the most refreshing and exciting stuff I have ever listened to in either hip-hop or electronic dance. His collaboration on the ‘Dawn of Momentum’ album with singer/songwriters Kris Searle and Stuart Guest really took their music to an entirely new realm and beat. Whenever you have a combination of three incredible artists working together and inspiring each other like that, the final outcome is nothing short of fantastic.”


    Carvalho has iterated to the media his belief that “Dawn of Momentum” is the “album of the decade” for its award worthy music, which earned both TMAC and Kris Searle the LAMA win for Best Electronic Dance, and its relevant message regarding the challenges and prospects for the world today. What is so astonishing is that TMAC also produced his formidable hip-hop album “Genre Is Not An Option” that same year. Critics are beginning to believe that the work from both “Dawn of Momentum” and “Genre Is Not An Option” reveal TMAC’s mastery and breadth, and his attractive power to bring Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, and Pop into a new realm. The Searle collaboration clearly suggests that. Searle’s earlier “Slowly Diabolical” album, featuring some masterpiece songs like “Honestly”, had a style all its own and revealed Searle’s respectable ability as a singer/songwriter. But the “Dawn of Momentum”, some critics argue, elevates Searle’s poetry to a more electrifying and captivating voice that could rival any in the clubs of Hollywood or on radio. And, it is also clear that the musical genius of Searle has influenced TMAC as well, as the young artist attests, “Kris is the most creative person I know. Ideas bounce back and forth between us effortlessly. He has helped me think outside the box and diversify my style."


    “I think we saw an evolution from both Searle and TMAC in one year with those two albums, as well as the earlier song ‘Warning Signs’. It’s hard to imagine any artist producing work at that level at one time,” says Carvalho. The Los Angeles Music Awards agreed and nominated TMAC as Best Hip-Hop artist in 2011.


    Now, Audio Houndz Music Group artist TMAC has teamed up with the beautiful and talented Bay Area singer Tori Quinn of Run Amuk Productions to release their Pop/R&B single “Alone”. Quinn, no stranger to music herself, as her mother was also a performer, is a singer/songwriter that has a breadth of her own, being able to write in different genres including hip-hop, R&B, dance, and gospel. Quinn’s mother, a founding member of the group “Funkafied” (which later became known as “Midnight Starr”), travelled with Quinn throughout her career and inspired her to ultimately further her music. Though the seventies heavily influence her, Quinn shows that her work is trendy and radio worthy, as she reveals with her performance in the new single with TMAC.


    “My goal is to make good feeling music that touches people the way I’ve been so deeply touched,” states Quinn on her website. Indeed, aside from writing and recording, Quinn also delights fans at community events around the Bay Area, and even performs every Sunday at her home church.


    “I love artists who are serious and Tori Quinn is one of those artists. I met her once and exchanged info and she was very responsive. Being responsive and knowing what you want is key in this industry,” says TMAC of his collaboration with Quinn. Indeed, Tori Quinn has already worked with many in the music profession and her new single with TMAC is a harbinger of greater things to come.


    “Alone” is now available through iTunes at:




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    Photo Above: The Oscars Pre-Party At Gonpache, Beverly Hills, CA: (From Right To Left): Hip-Hop Artist Troy MacFarland AKA “TMAC”, Grammy Considered Kris Searle, Honorary Mayor of Beverly Hills David Harrison Levi, Los Angeles Music Awards and Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards Founder Al Bowman, West Hollywood Entertainment Advocate John Carvalho.

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