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    Posted April 6, 2013 by
    Dharamshala, India
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    Tibet self-immolation is the highest form of non-violent struggle


    Dharamshala: - Each day of the week we wake up and switch on our computers, TV or Radio, where we read and hear the tragic news about Tibet- whether a self immolation protest or an entire Tibetan town or monastery is under lock-down, imprisonments, and detentions by Chinese authorities. The people of the world, who have witnessed those above incidents, are expressing their voice about the self-immolation protest.


    Despite international condemnation, Beijing imposed new criminal laws to crackdown on certain human rights movements without considering international standard law. These laws ideally aim to prevent self immolation protests by giving heavy punishments to self immolator’s family members or relatives for inciting these self-immolations. Its a law determined and committed to punish particular individuals for whom the standard of conduct makes no sense.


    No matter whatever the communist regime led by newly appointed Xi Jinping says, the international community, including many governments and parliaments have already indicated clearly that Tibetans are fighting for peace, justice and freedom and have fully committed themselves to non-violent means. No one is qualified to stop the Tibetan freedom struggles and resistance to Chinese oppression.


    So far 114 innocent Tibetans were self immolated not because they are cowardly or desperate. This is unlike the 20th century freedom struggles, when bloodshed wars killed millions of people in the name of peace, freedom and non-violence. China is not only the enemy of freedom of press, it also became the main enemy of nonviolence and peace in the 21st century.


    The freedom loving people in the modern world must learn from the great Tibetan martyrs who have sacrificed their souls for their country, without harming their enemies. I proudly believe that there's a great meaning in nonviolence' as it is an effective way of displaying dedication and motivation without harming others. Tibetan people are world widely respected as loving kind and peaceful people, China would be held solely responsible for all consequences.


    Those Tibetans who have acted with a great understanding while sending calm motivations- there has been no physical harm to a single Chinese, including those repressive authorities, clear evidence for this is declared in the messages that they have left behind. On the other hand the international community needs to recognise this fact and to take responsibility for it. They must take notice of the words that are left behind by the self immolators and support their family members and relatives who are expressing their tears.


    Beijing's accussation over the wave of self-immolations in Tibet certainly is groundless, the Chinese authorities are giving false reasons for the self immolators motivation to try and sway the mind of the international community without any proof. As we all know, Beijing is only the regime who blames His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibetans in exile for this crisis.


    When we open our eyes wider and step back into a wider perceptive we can see that Tibet is not the only victim or the only the tragedy territory, the people in Eastern Turkestan and Inner Mongolia are facing same problem. They also criticise China for committing cultural genocide in their territories through the same failed policies.


    Beijing, however has continued using an iron-fisted rule in these regions, claiming that these remote regions are part of China. They are pointing fingers in the wrong direction, using economic pressures to force other countries to recognise these issues as an internal. Instead they should be accepted as well-known and wide-spread problems that are faced by people in their own territories as well as the people in China.


    Looking back to our human history, such as recent world wars, and for many other political reasons, we can realise that the self Immolation is a high level, non-violent struggle for Tibet. May I say, Tibet teaches the world how to follow the actual path of non-violent struggle, as hundreds are killed every day through the use of different weapons in many parts of our world, including the Arab states. People in Tibet are still following the non-violence way by sacrificing their precious lives for a survival of a country, its culture and its language.


    The Chinese regime is powerful and armed with every kind of modern weaponry – except for a weapon that can prevent Tibetans from setting themselves on fire, or one that can stop that fire from spreading. If only China could see that it already has the tools to stop the self-immolations – namely dialogue, the easing of restrictions and the granting of genuine freedom of religion. But the hubris and deep-set habits of that powerful state apparently leave it blind to the answer.


    Wisdom is a quality the communist regime has rarely applied in its dealings with Tibet. It needs to relax its repressive grip on the country, respect the religious practices of the Tibetan people by withdrawing its cadres from the monasteries, and open negotiations with the Central Tibetan administration in India. China’s leadership was once able to get its mind around the need to maintain and respect the differences in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. It needs to approach Tibet in a similar way. Freedom of fires once set are not easily extinguished.


    More than five decades, Tibetans resist a monstrous totalitarian regime, which controls every aspect of the life of the Tibetan people, including those in China itself. However, we all know that this century saw the fall of totalitarian regimes in all corners of the world.


    It is not merely a totalitarian regime, also the most cruel and inhuman on earth. Hundreds of writers, intellectuals and spiritual leaders are imprisoned or disappeared in every year, including Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo and 11th Panchen Lama. Inside China there's no rules, no laws, no systems in doing right things, but everything is under the one-party system.


    Chinese people must wake-up and must know, what kind of world do they live in. They have every rights to know that only a few totalitarian states left on this earth, many of them started to turn towards open society.


    Let us fight together for democracy, peace and freedom with the idea and methods of non-violence, by using our brain to change this corrupted world, including the communist regime of China for our future generation to create a peaceful world.

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