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    Posted April 8, 2013 by
    Cheshire, Connecticut
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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

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    TV Show Host Agrees To 12 Week Fat Loss Challenge


    During a recent interview on Fox network, the show host Stan Simpson started his program by saying in America we are eating too much and working out too little… Okay, so what is the BIG news, excuse the pun, we have all heard those comments more than we care to remember regarding obesity? The “BIG NEWS” was Charles Remington “The Fat Loss Coach’s” response, he said, “most people I meet eat too little, and their weight problem has little to do with exercise… Stan’s response, “interesting”…


    Remington went on to say, NBC Today show in January reported numbers, which were shocking to me… They reported the number of women who were following some type of DIET were down from 34% in 1995, to only 21% today… So had America over this period of time solved their great battle with weight? Well, unfortunately that statement could not be any further from the truth… So what did they say the reason for the drop? Answer, a RELAXED attitude toward size… The commentary made it sound like Americans were slowly giving up and just accepting getting larger…


    So The Fat Loss Coach offered the Fox host a challenge… He said I, will prove to you as I have to thousands of clients I can solve your battle of the bulge… Follow my breakthrough Fat Loss concept for twelve-weeks, you’ll lose 2-3 lbs of fat weekly, without losing muscle or being tired or hungry… You will NEVER have to go on a diet again… So Simpson took the challenge and the 12-week Fat Loss challenge began…


    After just ten days the Fox host invited Remington back on his show, because Stan had lost 6 lbs of fat, double what the coach had promised… Now Simpson and Remington, challenged the audience to the 12-week Fat Loss challenge…


    So what has Remington discovered, which the 40-50 billion dollar weight loss industry would not want you to know… Not a diet, or a magical supplement, because the magic is inside you… He will teach you a healthy lifestyle, which dramatically targets the un-wanted fat, and fits it to your lifestyle, so you will never need or want to diet again… Remington believes ending obesity is beyond the help of just a diet, or the solution is simply to lose weight… He point out many Americans now live outside their hormonal design… Reducing calories alone is not enough and why most diets fail… Remington’s breakthrough concept custom fits his unique three-day “glyco-cycle” discovery, which stabilizes blood sugar and works within the body’s hormone design and not against it… The result you control turning off fat storing hormones and turning on fat burning ones.


    Are you ready for the challenge? Remington has proven it to thousands one body at a time… There is NO BETTER body to prove it to next than yours…

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