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    Agricola Apocalypse: Agricultural Warfare Part II


    Agricola Apocalypse:
    Agricultural Warfare Part II
    By Stephen Guptill


    The Core Of It:


    The following article is not intended to scare the reader, nor is it hyperbole or wild imaginative speculation. Many years now, people have been telling me of various conspiracy theories, and many are easily debunked; however along the way, many of the seemingly unconnected events occurring around us became utterly entwined, along with the realization that many of the conspiracy theories held are actually disinformation, injected into the internet to cause confusion on every topic.


    Below this article you will find substantial amounts of information and an in depth list of source material, and while gathering up the items, a couple articles were found buried in the depths of the internet which independently come to the same conclusion and were included for the reader.


    People of science started messaging me and directing my attention to articles published by scientific elements which are being utterly suppressed; many blanks of information, which are crippling many of the ‘wild conspiracy theories’ to critical analysis, are filled in with these articles.


    Since writing Agricultural Warfare, an extended library of information has flooded my screen and life. Crops, wild trees and myself have been infected with strange fungus, white mildews, and aluminum toxicity.


    In the sky, jets criss cross forming grid patterns and large bars of cloud which pancake out forming artificial Columbus clouds. With these techniques of geoengineering they have pulled storms from over Halifax to over Wolfville’s fields in an hour. The trail they leave pulling a storm cloud along, one can witness the strength of the storm ebb as a result of the shift in direction, and as it is stretched out into an artificial shape.


    They have pulled a storm from the west and a storm from the east, and caused them to collide over Wolfville’s fields.


    I have watched this with my own eyes, diligently paying attention for a couple years in Halifax, then a year and a half in Wolfville; to cloud behaviour, weather before, during and after the spraying, and time patterns of spray. I have watched the skies intently since I was a child looking for U.F.Os, so have some template of weather behaviour to draw from in understanding what is normal/abnormal.


    They spray on hot days, the P.R. campaign is that the sprays (Aluminum bromide, silver, and then some.) reflect the rays of the Sun, lowering the temperature on Earth. They use the same equipment used in modern forest fire water bombers; a pressurized nozzle output, oddly enough when the wild fires out West are raging and the skies fill with water bombers the grid spraying over our skies peters out.


    After two days or so of this, grid spraying there will be a day where everyone feels ‘heavy’, animals are lazy, bugs even do not leap out of the way as they normally will to avoid being crushed underfoot.


    Solar panel enthusiasts have reported up to 80% loss of uptake on these days, compared to a ‘normal over cast day’.


    It might rain on this day, if not it will look like it wants to, but the air will not feel or smell like it is going to, because the natural conditions are simply not there.


    Through this geoengineering technique, they can draw water to crops, ensuring proper watering levels and sunny periods.


    Likewise; by insuring a crop against failure, investors can flood/cause a drought and force a crop to fail, cashing in on the insurance. Speculative trading on food crops is an entire article in and of itself, being responsible for the last decade of food riots, massive increase in prices and so on.


    The Fungus And Mass Extinction:


    The sprays used in the sky leave heavy metals in the soil, aluminum in particular being an enemy of almost all biological life, directly destroying genetic material. Plant life is the first sign, the root systems when detecting aluminum in the soil, will shut off all nutritional uptake to protect the plant’s genetic code from damage. Trees weaken from the center of the trunk out as fungus infiltrates it’s innards, then break off easily in wind storms. Smaller grassy plant literally melts from the top down, turning into a blackish pool like effect. Aluminum also strips the soil of bacteria, destroying the balance which keeps fungus in check, leading to massive fungal infections, turning Pine needles a hazy white, which can be rubbed off; Similarly, Monsanto’s Round Up causes the same breech in the immune systems of plant life, also leading to fungus infection, which is then followed by a beetle which thrives in a symbiotic relationship with the fungus feeding off Lodgepole Pines.


    I have seen this in trees around Wolfville, directly outside the law office next to the hardware store is a stand of trees that displays this mildew; and plant life surrounding bogs which GMO corn fields drain into which can be found on the TransCanada Trail running from downtown Wolfville to the farm fields (Full of GMO Soy and Corn.) to the West.


    These plants display a white mildew on their leaf fronts, the same mildew found on crops around Wolfville, crops which are not genetically modified, remember that farmers them self know that the ‘gasses (RoundUp et al.) drift for miles’.


    “Goss’ wilt and sudden death syndrome” is the name of this epidemic when naturally occurring.


    I have seen the carcasses of birds, exploded from within after farmers spray their fields; and on one occasion a dead mouse, who’s body was turned inside out with fungus filiments trailing outwards in all directions.


    The three of them formed a triangle around a massive set of GMO crops; all sprayed with BT which explodes insects from the inside out; and uptakes to the next animal to eat them, the bird who exploded most dramatically being directly in the center of a soy feild. The other two on the Dykelands trail, and next to the rail way trail to the West of town. The bodies stay around and slowly dry up, as scavangers will not touch them.




    An article from 1995 points out:
    “" in 1976 Ralph Byther and Roy Davidson, plant pathologists with the Western Washington Research and Extension Center in Puyallup, Washington, received a diseased Pacific dogwood branch (similar to the Eastern flowering dogwood) from a correspondent living near Vancouver, Washington, across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon. Anthracnose is the ordinary term plant pathologists use to describe a set of disease symptoms in a wide variety of trees -- oaks, sycamores, even citrus -- that are attacked by fungus. But the coal-dark blotches on the dogwood leaves Byther and Davidson were investigating was not caused by any ordinary fungus. This fungus, belonging to the genus Discula, was a species that could not be identified because it had never been seen before."”


    According to Wikipedia: "The first GMOs were bacteria in 1973".


    The time line for fungus infections around the world’s wilderness escalates as GMO science proceeds forward from this point.


    Long term, we will see the death of all ecosystems, natural habitat, wildlife, and plant life, there will simply be no wilderness. Up to 90% of populations currently falling to the fungus die, leaving the remaining 10% to survive for the entire species.


    Much evidence shows Bill Gates and Monsanto are heavily invested in these geoengineering techniques.


    Monsanto owns patents on aluminum and fungus resistant crops; along with making attempts at fungus resistant GMO bees.


    Currently there is a farmer who commits suicide every thirty minutes in India, because of debt accrued with Monsanto.


    How It Effects You, Here, Now:


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