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    Posted April 20, 2013 by
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    Same-sex marriage hearings: Your thoughts

    Do religious opposers of gay marriage know what they are supposed to stand for?


    It is not the bible that condemns homosexuals, but the followers of the bible itself. Although, for some reason they have decided to take their god’s finger, and become the Abigail Williams of the world. The very depressing part of this is that they do not know what they truly condemn or what they are supposed to be protesting. When asked why gay marriage is not allowed, a consistent church-goer, responded because it is not natural, another said because they cannot procreate or contribute to the continuation of the human species. If the reason is that they cannot procreate, why is there no ongoing protest to vasectomies, or cutting of fallopian tubes hitting the news? They are altering their bodies to unnatural states in which they cannot procreate, yet I see no fresh paint on posters.
    Then there are the people who say that it is not the traditional way children are to be raised, as they need one father and one mother. Once again, divorce does exist, and that is what often leaves the child with only one parent. The other parent may have custody as well but in all honesty, if they live quite a distance away, then you are raised by one parent. If they want to keep the traditional household the way it is, why do I not see any banners going up opposing divorce. It isn’t that we must abandon our traditional values, but we must let go of our traditional norm. In the 1920s, a woman was considered promiscuous if she would kiss a man, and normally it was done in secret. In the twenty-first century, a teenage girl will be rushing to her friends to tell them all about this kiss. Things have changed, and society is beginning to adapt, with or without the detesters. So if a child is alive, loved, fed, clothed, does it really matter who the person taking care of them is, because if so, there needs to be a lot of households changed, and not only those who have parents of the same gender.
    Now back to the majority view on why gay marriage should not be allowed in the eyes of the protesters, and once again they say that it is not natural and in the bible it says:
    "You shall not lie with a male as those who lie with a female; it is an abomination."
    That may be an abomination to them, but it does not speak of marriage. If the reason for banning gay marriage is because they cannot contribute to the growth of the human population, they need to ban more than gay marriage. Impotent couples cannot contribute either to the growth of the human population, neither can sterile couples, yet they are allowed to go up to the justice of the peace and marry with no opposition. So why is there anti-gay movements, and I am sad and afraid to say, that these protesters, self-pronounced knights of god, and Abigails of the world are simply homophobes who take the security of marriage away from two people whom love each other and are currently willing to stay faithful to the words that are not valid under the eyes of certain states.

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