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    Posted April 24, 2013 by
    Watertown, New York
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    America- Having Two Jobs Now Necessary to Break Even


    Are you working at two jobs now to make ends meet? Most Americans are.
    When you and your spouse add your jobs together, you both work 4 jobs.
    This new reality doesn't leave much time for your kids and their needs, but what to hell. It makes the rich , richer.
    If this is the President's plan to increase our exports, it's working.
    Before any of us know what's happened, we'll have foreign companies building manufacturing facilities here in the States because of our cheap labor.
    Then we have the problem of Medicare and Medicaid. Doctors and providers aren't excepting those insurances much anymore. Why?
    They aren't reimbursed for their services because Congress feels it's more important to build and fund the awesome armored personnel carriers we saw on display in Boston last week.
    Did you get a glimpse of the "Dog and Pony" homeland Security Show?
    I'm not sure what scared me more- the two alleged bombers or the 9000 armed to the teeth ATF and Homeland storm troopers.
    It seems we have our priorities backwards.
    We actually need more money for schools and research and less for Homeland Security.
    If anything, the recent events in Boston should show us, that no amount of security will ever stop two lone bombers from acting out their plans.
    It was a guy looking out his window that found the 19 year old by whipping back the tarp, but Homeland Security needed a robot? Really?
    I'm not convinced. And I'm not scared as our government would like.
    We've become a police state, Folks.
    When President Obama can spend $4.7 million on a predator drone base on Ft. Drum and $95 million on improvements to Gitmo, when we have schools laying off teachers for lack of state funding, something is seriously wrong in our country's leadership. Liberty

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