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    Los Angeles, California
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    Black in America

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    More so than the Republican Party, ....Democratic Party Elected Officials are Truly Disgraceful!

    Should you petition the *Honorable Senator John McCain
  • the maverick for the atrocities of government the petitioner can be assured redress, a positive response, accountability, etc. Should you petition a *
  • Senator Barack Obama*, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, *Congresswoman Diane Watson*, 26th District California State Senator Mark Ridley Thomas*, Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson,
  • Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks, Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry, *Assembly Speaker Karen Bass*, 2nd District Los Angeles County Supervisor Yvonne "Brentwood" Burke, Inglewood *Mayor Roosevelt Dorn*, Former *Lynwood Mayor Lou Byrd, former Lynwood Councilman attorney now a convicted felon Paul Richards*, Congressman William Jefferson, *Congressman Walter Tucker*, Congressman Charles Rangel, etc., etc., the valid petition for redress for the atrocities of government to where truly innocent law abiding Black men, women, and/or their children, being U.S. citizens by birthright, are jailed, fined, unlawfully denied due process, unlawfully deprived of their respective State and Federally mandated Constitutional protections....... .........typically these no good treasonous Black elected officials, Democratic Party affiliated, serve special interest groups, illegal immigrants, criminal individuals or subversive un-American organizations, at the expense of the lawful respective State and Federally mandated Constitutional rights of law abiding U.S. citizens with valid claims for the atrocities of government by: A. Playing games of deceit. B. Trashing legitimate claims for redress. C. Using the U.S. postal service to return a valid petition addressed to them by a petitioner un- opened (the picture at the top of this post is that of a letter addressed to Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas). Concurrently a second identical letter petition was delivered by U.S. certified mail that is not as easy to deny receipt or return unopened without being documented as being delivered. D. Joining sides with unlawful agents and officials who are defendants, who have admitted guilt, and who have been proven guilty by factual evidence for each and every allegation of the petition for redress in the appropriate court jurisdiction. E. Reducing a serious atrocity, such as grand theft, unlawful death, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, blatantly egregious fraudulent acts, etc., to "racial profiling" which has no connection to the criminal actions of the defendant(s), to be used as a ploy by incompetent and truly treasonous elected officials to further deprive any law abiding victim and/or their law abiding heirs of Equal Justice and Protection Under the Law". F. Using false pretenses to seek or hold elected office, such as carpet-bagging, using false addresses, violating the mandated residency requirement of a government charter. G. Serving special interest groups, subversive organizations, illegal immigration advocates un-American subversive organizations and/or his or her, immediate family members, at the expense his or her sworn under oath and mandated by law duty to serve the people of the district represented. H. Lying under oath or defending other elected officials who have lied under oath. J. Playing the "race card", or blaming their own failure to be competent and ethical on racist Caucasians, the Bush Administration, Corporate America, to be used as an excuse or ploy to do absolutely nothing. K. Stealing or *committing fraudulent acts
  • to
  • steal from the taxpayers for his, or her, own financial gain. L. Shortly after being indicted, convicted, and being that proven felon, become preachers to continue their stealing. M. Any combination of points A through L, as listed above. ............make any elected official who fits the description, unfit for public office.
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