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    Girls + Education: Your message

    Girls Rule The World


    My name is Christie, I'm 20 years old and attend school at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. I am the vice president of Philanthropy & Service for our school's Panhellenic Executive board that governs the sororities here on campus. Not too long ago did we come across a foundation called " The Circle of Sisterhood" which is currently being adopted as our Panhellenic Philanthropy. This foundation works through the help of passionate sorority women to raise funds and awareness about women's oppression and educational barriers all around the world. Through furthering my education about this foundation and all that it stands for, I have began to spread awareness throughout my campus and collected change at all of our meetings to send towards the fund. In only a few short months, the Quinnipiac Panhellenic council has raised enough money to send close to ten young women to school for an entire year! Through this opportunity, I have found the most important thing I would tell the women of the world is, regardless of age, color, culture, intelligence, social class, etc. you never stand alone. The women of this world have the power to strive for success and the opportunity to follow through. As women, especially in my case, as a sorority woman, it is important to take advantage of every resource we are given and to work for a cause that each and every one of us can relate to. What’s more powerful than women helping women?
    If we, as women continue to work towards women's equality, an important part of that is educating ourselves on the issue. The issue of women’s equality is not something that we only see in our own communities, but a world wild issue. Women’s equality, is much more than be equal to males, but also relates to the oppression of women. The oppression of women open up a pandora’s box of issues that women face each day. These issues range from young girls who are not allowed to attend school while their brothers do, girls who are forced to stay at home and do chores all day and all night while they watch the men in their family strive for their dreams, girls who are forced into marriage at the young age of 12 and 13, and impregnated shortly after. There are girls whose lives are stricken with great poverty, and are neglected and will most likely never have the opportunity to receive an education; there are girls who live in such poverty that their mothers are forced to sell them to men, and girls who unfortunately have to sell themselves through sexual endeavors in order to survive.
    I know as a young women myself, working through my own education can seem like the biggest struggle my life is faced with, but when I step back and look at all the resources and opportunities I have been blessed with, I can’t help but think, I need to use what I have and what I’ve been given for a cause that is so much bigger than myself. As fortunate women who are currently working through our education in grade school, high school or college, we all have the means to reach out and help women around the world who are facing women's oppression and educational barriers each day. We all deserve our chance to run the world. We all have the potential to be real strong women who dedicate our hard work to success to bettering the world around us, to pave a path for girls and women of all ages to overcome boundaries, to overcome poverty, to overcome sexual violence, to overcome oppression, to overcome anything that is thrown on down their path.
    Girls and women all over the world should never be afraid to stand tall, stand up for themselves, go confidently, realize all that is noble in one another, demand the right of education, look to the women next to us for help, and to never be afraid of the future. Although not every girl or women reading this has faith in the women of the world like I do. As fortunate as I am to be surrounded with close to 200 beautiful and passionate sorority sisters in my own chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, Iota Phi at Quinnipiac University, I also have seen the beauty of how global women’s issues can bring together all of the women on my campus. I have seen the Panhellenic community here at Quinnipiac come together and appreciate each other and our strength, intelligence, passion, dedication and loyalty to each other. The women of the world need to do their duty to be loyal and dedicated to holding up one another. We, the women of the world can be a global sorority working to better the lives of one another.
    Our failures do not mean we should give up give up. Our roadblocks should not block us from moving on, instead, just throw us a challenge to work through. There is always a way to achieve all that we hope and wish for. Words I have adopted from Alpha Chi Omega’s symphony that have given me hope and given me inspiration to find light in the darkness of the world are, “Together, we can seek the heights, appreciate each service rendered to us, see the beauty in the common things, and strive for harmony in a world constantly telling us as women that we do not have the potential to succeed. With the help of women all over the world, we can turn women’s oppression and women’s educational barriers into something beautiful, into a symphony of women running the world.”
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