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    Markham, Ontario

    Interview With Larry Weltman, CSR, AccessEasyFunds


    AccessEasyFunds has leveraged the basic tenets and standard industry practices of real estate transactions for the agents who work relentlessly for either or both parties, the buyer and the seller, only to experience a delay in getting their commissions paid.


    Closing a real estate transaction or closing a deal is only half the job done for real estate agents who often wait for several weeks to a few months before their commissions are paid. This interim delay is not only undesirable pragmatically but it creates a lot of troubling circumstances for the real estate agents. There are ongoing business expenses, incurred expenditure that had to be indulged in during the processing, execution and closing of a sale and real estate agents also need to get rewarded for their efforts in a timely and adequate manner. All such requisites that should be a standard benchmark in the real estate industry and should be catered to instantaneously are ironically not meted with the due and deserving urgency. This is where AccessEasyFunds comes in.


    AccessEasyFunds is a commission advance company. They have a a proprietary processing system that facilitate real estate agents to present their profile and get paid their commissions before the Closing. AccessEasyFunds doesn’t confine real estate agents to any specific manner in which the funds provided would be utilized. These agents can very well use the funds to expand their business, to meet their existing expenses or to settle certain debts that they may have incurred during the processing and execution of certain real estate transactions. In a nutshell, AccessEasyFunds is the much needed financer for real estate professionals who are in need of instant commission funding or advance financing owing to any of the many challenging circumstances.


    AccessEasyFunds has become the leading commission advance company in Canada. Having a phenomenal presence across the country and having a portfolio that includes some of most well known real estate agents, working with a broad base of real estate brokerage agencies and even start-up real estate firms. Larry Weltman is a Customer Service Representative with AccessEasy. He has been with AccessEasy since its inception and has dealt with many of the company’s customers; gaining not only a solid understanding of realtor needs but also a sound and strong understanding on the real estate industry.


    Driven by his passion to offer prompt service for real estate professionals, Larry Weltman sheds some insight into the market.


    Q. Who is AccessEasyFunds’ market?


    Larry Weltman - Real estate agents get their deserving commissions long after the transactions are closed and the ink has dried. It is only fair for them to expect prompt commissions but that doesn’t happen. AccessEasyFunds was founded to offer the much needed respite to real estate agents to facilitate the smooth functioning of their cash flow needs. And at reasonable affordable rates.


    Q. How does AccessEasy manage to offer the same day service that has become its trademark?


    Larry Weltman – When you face a problem, especially with finance, you need an immediate response. There has to be a solution but a solution that is delayed or not prompt, is as good as no solution at all. If you need funds now, it is no good getting them a fortnight later. For all you know, your problem may consume your prospects and sustainability by then or you can have your expected payments made by then which would render any commission advance at a later date unnecessary or not worthwhile. It it this reality that propels AccessEasy to offer a ‘same day’ or ‘24 hour’ turnaround’ service strategy. With this we cater to every client on the very same day and offer quick turnaround times. Unless we manage to offer a well timed solution to our clients, the facilities of dealing with AccessEasyFunds may have very little significance.


    Q. Why did you come up with the customer reward program?


    Larry Weltman – It was an obvious thing to do. I am driven by customer loyalty. If I am a customer and am seeking the services of a company or buying products of a certain company, I would want the company to acknowledge my purchase and treat me as an integral extension of their enterprise. AccessEasy feels there is a need for the service provider and service procurer to both have a sense of loyalty to each other. AccessEasyFunds would want to be treated as integral to the business of our clients and likewise we would want them to be rewarded for their trust in us.


    Q What feedback do you get from your customers?


    Larry Weltman – All of us work extremely hard at AccessEasyFunds. The company is driven by customer service; and is always striving for new ways and technology to better improve its service. For me the most rewarding part of my job, is the feedback I get on a daily basis from customers thanking us for the excellent and fast service and how we have helped them. How easy we make it. We get many referrals, which for me is the greatest compliment!

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