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    Posted May 7, 2013 by
    Decatur, Georgia

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    What the Street is saying: What Happened in Valdosta Georgia to 17 year old Kendrick Johnson who was found dead in the school gym? Murder, Accident or Police Cover Up


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Bonita Lacy first heard about Kendrick Johnson – a 17-year-old teenager in Valdosta, Georgia, who was found dead in a rolled up mat in his high school gym in January – through her involvement with the Atlanta chapter of the National Action Network. The 53-year-old drove down to Valdosta to rally alongside family and community members on April 18 and again on May 4. Authorities have ruled the death an accident — they say the boy fell into the mat and suffocated -- but the family doesn't believe them.

    Lacy did not know Johnson, but said, 'I am a grandmother of two boys whom I want to have the right and opportunity to live, grow up, travel and go to school anywhere they please without fear or intimidation, or death by cloudy statements.'

    'This is my first time with something like this that I feel the world needs to know how some towns still handle justice. The family has been trying to get more attention outside the local media because they saw the direction the attention was going in trying to silence the death by small unacceptable statements of the cause,' she said.
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    From the Neighborhood of Valdosta Georgia:





    What happened to Kendrick Johnson a 17 year old African American who went missing during school, was found dead in the school gym.

    The police didn't notify  the corner until 6 hours later, the police immediately stated the cause of death was an accident with him trying to get a shoe, prior to a corners report or inquest. Although his face shows sever brusing and bashing.  The coroner has been silenced, now the GBI concurs with the police.  The coroner stated earlier the investigation was severly compromised, the young mans clothes was removed, he was found inside wrestling mats which were upright, blood was found on wall, it is not the young mans they are not trying to find the owner of that blood, they have not said who he had been having issues with at the school, or why he left inbetween class to go to the gym, if there were classes in the gym after the period he was last seen.  Rumors from within the community is there was some bullying issue with someone related to local law enforcement, there was a game that evening, did the players go into the gym prior to the game. To many unanswered questions about the school it self the day prior to and of the discovery of his body.


    The children from the school black and white talked about the different treatments between them.  The communities and parents are outraged at the level of what they, the National Action Network, NAACP, SCLC and others believe is a police corruption cover up to the highest levels in law enforcement in the State of Georgia all the way up to the GBI.  Several protests, rallys, prayer vigils have been helpd in support of the family. Chanel 27 news is the only coverage that is consistent.  Money is being raised to have a independent investigation of this incident. Many African Americans are  turning up dead under the custody of that police department with no resonable explaination of their deaths.   This particular incident is being BLACKED OUT IN THE MEDIA but kept alive in the social media.

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