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    Posted May 9, 2013 by
    Central, Texas
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    Charles Ramsey's Criminal Background? So What?!


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     DShieldsTx says we should be celebrating Charles Ramsey for his heroics and not focusing on his criminal background. She condemns the view of heroism within America that consists of an expectation of a perfect 'Superman' sort of hero with a pristine past. 'I think that it's unfair that once we see someone do something heroic we start digging into their background. This is a case that he's already done his time for, he's been released. We should concentrate on his heroics, not on the ugly stain of a felony on his reputation.'

    DShieldsTx challenges those 'cowards sitting behind computer screens' to go out and spend their time and energy searching for the missing instead of criticizing Ramsey for his criminal past, who actually did save the lives of three missing young women.
    - jne2013, CNN iReport producer

    Yes it brought tears to my eyes when I see the attacks on Charles Ramsey, the man who helped rescue 3 women who have been missing for a decade now!
    Did you listen to what I said in this video??!!!
    So what that Charles Ramsey has a criminal past? We DO NOT know the full extent of why that is! And his ex, says she is cordial and okay with him now...what??!! I come from an abused relationship in my past, NO WAY that I am cordial with that less of a man!!
    And luvs, how can we support a criminal system, yet when those who come out of it, have officially done their time and received approval from legal officials to be released back into society, yet, we cannot support them, the criminal...attack Mr. Ramsey, but not attack the type of officials that would let a man let Ariel Castro slip through the cracks over and over again!??
    Everything about Charles Ramsey being under Social Media attack and NOT Ariel Castro, has me hurting for him here in Texas and indeed in tears.
    Did you know about Ariel Castro reports saying he was beating his ex-wife also? Yet you negative types do not likely want to talk about that because you would rather ATTACK the Black man verbally, rather than applaud him for his bravery the day of the rescue!
    I have so much more to say, let's have a conversation about this! On Twitter, hashtag #AskDeeVa @MzDeeVa4you
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