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    Muntinlupa City, Philippines
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    Girls + Education: Your message

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    Education Would Give A Girl Or A Woman The Opportunity To Have A Stable Career And An Assurance Of Economic Well-Being In The Near Future


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     For iReporter Sergiom, it is his hopes for his 12-year-old daughter's future prospects that shape his thoughts on women's education. "I always remind my daughter to finish her studies, because having a college degree would mean having a stable career," he says. For him -- the independence of his daughter, and all girls in the future, is essential. "That would mean financial independence and economic well-being," he says. "Education is a major element in making a woman truly creative and really productive in the community where she resides."
    - sarahbrowngb, CNN iReport producer

    I have a 12-year old daughter whose  name is Beatrice Pinera. She graduated from elementary with honors.  She’s right now a 2nd year high-school student. I always tell my  daughter to finish her studies. I had already explained to her many  times that “finishing college would somehow guarantee her of acquiring a  stable career, which in turn would assure her of financial independence  and economic well-being in the near future.” It’s the same with all the  girls and women out there. Education will hone the talents and  abilities of a woman to give her the opportunity of having a stable  career in the near future. Such stable career will make the woman a  co-equal of her husband at the time she gets married. Education will  also give the woman the advantage of contributing to the betterment of  her village and society in general. An educated woman will surely  contribute to the well-being of this planet and to overall human  progress.

    If educated women will have stable careers and become  financially independent, then they will move up the social ladder and  become recognized for the achievements that they will produce in their  respective human endeavors. Women will then become fulfilled as citizens  of this world, since they will be able to express their creativity and  productivity in their respective communities. Educated women can  therefore make people listen to their intelligent ideas, expertise,  rational opinions, empirical thoughts and pragmatic visions. Education  is a major element in making a woman truly-creative and really  productive in the community where she resides.

    Both man and woman  have the same need or desire to enjoy their civil liberties, human  rights and cherished freedom. Educated women have the knowledge and  skills to enlighten themselves and others about the truth that men and  women have equal rights. Educated women have the knowledge and skills to  promote the reality that men and women were born free and are equal  when it comes to “inherent natural rights.” Education helps women to  embrace the reality that women are co-equals of men.

    Education  helps women to claim their basic rights and realize their potential in  all known human endeavors. A woman will feel fulfilled and become truly  alive if she successfully gains proper education. Since women are the  main caregivers in almost all communities in this world of ours, if they  are educated, they can surely contribute to the welfare, social justice  and education of the present generation as well as the next and coming  generations. The right to have proper and good-quality education,  without discrimination, has been enshrined, included and reaffirmed in  all major international human rights charters and conventions.

    If  you’re a woman who is planning to get married in some future time, then  you must consider “education as a husband who would never let you  down.” If you’re a woman who doesn’t have any intention of getting  married, then you can view “education as a trusted companion who will  cheer you up to maintain self-confidence and help you out in solving  problems.” Girls and women all over the world must strive hard to go to  schools and finish their studies because education would surely unlock  their full potential of becoming achievers in their chosen vocations,  careers and professions.

    (NOTE: The 2 pictures in this  iReport had shown me with my daughter Beatrice Pinera when she graduated  from elementary school in April, 2012.)

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