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    Posted May 12, 2013 by
    Washington DC
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    Health care costs out of control.


    Is it any wonder that our health care system is broken?


    Profit has been the main driver in health care for decades now. Research and development has provided so many new and better treatments and drugs that we have come to the point where most people simply can't afford treatment for the many ailments, diseases, conditions and accidents that occur.


    Now we learn that the charges that hospitals bill for treatment are significantly disparate, even in the same geographic area. The charges sometimes appear to be random. A joint replacement can sometimes cost over $117,000 at one hospital (CJW Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia) and under $26,000 at another hospital in the same area (Winchester Medical Center.) This simply is not right.


    President Obama tried to reform the health care system. I guess we can say that he did. But Obamacare is seriously flawed. it was a boon for insurance companies but not so much for consumers or doctors. it's unfortunate that Congress could not see the forest through the trees.


    Obama spoke about single payer health care at one point in his first campaign. It was a pipe dream. Congress would never accept the reality that single-payer is the best way to go. It's not perfect. No system is. But taking the profit out of health care is really the only way to make it affordable.


    Those who hate Obamacare and reject single-payer haven't really provided any reasonable alternative. Over 90% of Americans agree that the system is broken. So why is the only viable solution rejected by so many?


    Slippery slope?


    Why do we have the best medical care in the world, yet rank so low in infant mortality? Why do we have so many specialists and not enough general practitioners? Why don't people look honestly at what the medical and insurance industries are charging consumers. Look at how much we pay for medications? Look at how many Americans simply cannot afford their monthly premiums?


    Something needs to be done. Obamacare is not the answer. When will we face facts and do the sane thing?


    I just lost my health insurance and now have to begin the search to replace my coverage for me and my son. It's distressing that the state cut me off with only a few weeks warning. I received a notice last week that my coverage expires June 1. The hunt is on.


    Here's an article about the recent revelations about what hospitals are charging for the same procedure. Photo taken from article:




    Thanks for reading and Happy Mother's Day!

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