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    Fraud Permiates the Web Design Industry

    Walking into a coffee shop to meet with a client I find myself running over the last minute details of a proposal before the meeting starts...

    I walk up to the person as they stand up, and have my guide dog sit. By this time I have sat down my laptop case and out-stretched my hand to shake the clients hand.

    We both sit down with a cup of coffee and begin to chat before we get to the formalities of the meeting. How's life treating you?, Hows the husband and kids? - the usual small talk.

    A few minutes pass as we continue the conversation. Finally the topic turns to the proposal I have submitted for them to review. At this point everything has gone well and I am feeling optimistic about the meeting. Until the bomb is dropped; "I have been taken for over half of my budget by a previous designer...".

    This scenario is repeated many times over in the course of a year as a business and technology consultant. The web design, development and consulting industries are rife with fraud! It is unfortunate and disgusting that there are many scammers, and con artists that disguise themselves as designers, developers or consultants. Fraud in these industries is rampant throughout the world. This ever increasing epidemic makes it harder for those of us trying to make a living.

    These "legitimate consultants" pump unsuspecting victims with lies, the hope of having a truly magnificent website that is a major asset to their company; only to dump clients without any work being done and running off with their money...

    That being said, I stand against your typical flaky pump, dump and run consultants. Any systems, recommendations or advice given is tried, true and thoroughly tested. I treat clients as I do family providing the best information possible in order to ensure success.

    To fend off these fraudsters make sure you have an iron clad contract drawn up by your attorney. Most fraudulent businesses will either decline to sign after reviewing or will disappear into the shadows from where they once came. At bare minimum save any type of communications between you and your designer as text messages, emails and in some cases phone messages can be used as evidence in the courts. It is also wise to clearly write out in an email all parties expectations and responsibilities as this too can be used in conjunction with the above in a court case.

    Lets make a stand against fraudulent businesses! Make the internet a better place for clients and truly legitimate consultants alike!
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