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    Posted May 14, 2013 by

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    Tradition or Pakistan?

    Tradition or Pakistan is one hottest topic for this country. Pakistan is a land with multiple, recognizable and acknowledged divisions. Most people might turn out to speak as Pakistani but their hearts are screaming in racial manner. Racial thoughts extend from individual mingling to inter racial marriages. A lot of people prefer marrying and intermingling in their own caste system while thinking themselves superior to other castes. This isn’t big problem, not at all. but one other thing is, that is “In Pakistan Racialism is not only confined to such things but over election stuff as well which requires more sensibility and responsible thoughts than going traditional”.
    Let me share one thing, Two friends were getting ready to go for work. One was sensible Pakistani while other was Sensible sindhi person. When this Pakistani guy got on motorcycle and asked his sindhi friend to get on bike to reach for job, sindhi guy sat quickly but this Pakistani guy seemed to be great observant. He asked sindhi person to take off his traditional Sindhi TOpi. Sindhi Man inquired as if what was reason for asking such thing. “it might fall down because of wind while travelling, you mightn’t want it to happen” said Pakistani man. That sindhi man for sake of maintaining integrity of his race, he chose to ignore idea of this Pakistani man and said “Lets Move”. While they were on their way, forceful wind did actually end up throwing sindhi topi off and it went falling on the ground. This Pakistani guy turned back and said humorously “see your honor, its on ground”.
    This is very same idea people use while voting for their leaders in elections. PPP has been elected relentlessly throughout history by people of SINDH even after long corruption records. This very same idea goes for N league in Punjab. These people prefer staying traditional about voting rather than intellectual. Past two decades are evidently strong to prove that how these people vote traditionally for relevant parties and how those political parties end up bringing humiliation to these people and to entire Pakistan. If these people, instead of preferring traditional style, actually go for what is right and go for Pakistan. Time will prove them right and their honor will be high.

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