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    Posted May 20, 2013 by
    Orlando, Florida

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    A Plumber and Associates Offers Tips for Common Plumbing Problems

    A Plumber and Associates offers simple tips for solving common plumbing problems. For major plumbing issues, homeowners are urged to contact a professional plumbing company.
    May 17, 2013—Orlando, Florida—For common Orlando plumbing problems, home and business owners can often make “quick fixes” that will save them time and money. However, for larger issues, it is usually best to consult a reputable Orlando plumbing company such as A Plumber and Associates. Since 2006, A Plumber and Associates has been providing services for plumbing in Seminole, FL, and surrounding areas. Unlike many Orlando plumbing companies, A Plumber and Associates offers full service including businesses, malls, homes and industrial plumbing construction and maintenance.
    Many Osceola plumbing issues can be resolved easily in a few minutes with the right tools and the right knowledge. Here are some common plumbing issues and possible repairs that home and business owners can make themselves:
    • Banging pipes. A pipe that makes a banging noise is often loose and rattling against another pipe or object. Locating the sound and supporting the pipe with a strap or cushion may stop the problem. Never use galvanized strips on copper pipes, however.
    • Squeaky pipes. Only hot water pipes squeak. As pipes expand from temperature differentials, the pipe may rub against a strap, making a squeaking nose. This can often be solved by cushioning the pipe inside the strap.
    • Noisy pipes. Strange noises coming from plumbing may be caused by a variety of factors including high water pressure, loose pipes or waterlogged air chambers. If the pipes are located inside walls, a professional plumbing contractor in Orlando may be needed to work on the problem. However, if the pipe is visible, it may be an easy fix to support it.
    • Leaking pipes. High water bills are often an indication of a leaking pipe. There may also be a noise of leaking water even when the faucets are turned off. Check fixtures first, then see if the dial on the water meter is moving. If so, it may be necessary to call a plumbing service in Orlando. For visibly leaking pipes, shut off the water and call for plumbing repair in Orlando. Locating a leak. To locate a leak, follow the sound of water to its source. If ceilings or walls are water-stained, the leak is usually directly above the stain. However, water can also follow a joint and stain the wall some distance from the leak. If the source of a leak is inside a wall or not immediately obvious, call a plumbing company in Orlando for help.
    • Clogged sink. First, shut off the water to the sink. Next, use a plunger or snake to release the clog. Do not use caustic chemicals; these can sit in the clogged water and cause burns.
    For help with any issues involving plumbing in Orlando, FL, A Plumber and Associates can offer fast, friendly and reliable service.
    About A Plumber and Associates: Since 2006, A Plumber and Associates has been offering homeowners help with plumbing in Orlando. As one of the few full-service plumbing companies in Orlando, A Plumber and Associates serves homes and businesses and can be counted on for contracting as well as repair and maintenance.
    For More Information: www.aplumberandassociates.com

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