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    Posted May 22, 2013 by
    Glastonbury, Connecticut
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    I think we've all learned by now that everyone comes from a different place in life. Personally, I am a Roman Catholic by birth, and by choice as an adult. I believe in my faith because I was educated in a way which exposed me to all religions and, ultimately, felt my birth faith suited me best. While having some reservations about certain protocols within my faith, I choose to work around them since imperfection is what makes us real, feeling and human. However, I do not condemn others or profess to know more than anyone else about the value of ones faith, or lack thereof, and what faith may represent to them. This is not only rude, it is ignorant and disrespectful toward our fellow man. I found the woman who politely replied to Wolf Blitzer's assumption that she believed in the Lord, to have been a graceful reply. She wasn't sarcastic, preaching or off putting. She also showed her respect for those who do believe in the Lord by saying she understood how and why those of certain faith would turn to the Lord for thanks. More importantly, she sent a gentle reminder to news reporters and journalists to err on the side of caution when making such an assumption, to craft their questions in more general terms out of respect for the personal choices people make in their life. This woman may have either come from a family of atheists or independently decided, all by herself, that by virtue of her own life experiences she is most comfortable as an atheist and lives her life accordingly. She doesn't bother anyone by being an atheist as she is merely a human being, as we all are, trying to make the best of her life and keep her family safe...just like the rest of us.


    As I've read through the comments here, I feel sad for those whose mindset is so narrow where they actually believe they have the right to criticize the faith of another human being. I wonder if these critics would say the same thing about this woman if she were perhaps a first responder pulling their child to safety from the arms of death found deep beneath the rubble? Would she then be considered an 'exception' to the rule? Would she then not warrant the labeling and be exempt among the 'norm' of atheists you've described as someone who 'rises from the devil'? Where does such hatred and discrimination toward people you don't know even come from? It amazes me how people's opinions change toward others when some benefit is gained through them in some way. All of a sudden those you criticize, insult and defame become valuable. Funny how the value of people is often measured by the level of benefit they add to life of others and not by who they are as an individual.


    What will it take for people to think before speaking and appreciate one another as human beings, as no greater or lesser than one another. Clearly we've learned that money doesn't buy safety or prevent natural disaster, illness, disease, war or famine. This fact, in and of itself, should confirm you can pray all you want but life will evolve as it will naturally do so. Certain people, like myself, believe their faith carries them and that each one of us has a destiny, mission or purpose on this earth, while others may believe each person will live and die by fate alone or as part of a natural process. Can't we all be supportive and kind toward one another? Are we incapable of appreciating opposing views? Is it really that difficult to respect our right to privacy, to lend a helping hand wherever needed and without asking questions or being judgmental? Think about it...what positive purpose does it serve to live otherwise?


    I truly believe, by opening your mind and your heart, your life will improve tenfold. Surely, you'll feel less guilty when you throw your arms around the atheist, or other faith based individual, who just saved the life of your loved one, or offered a gentle smile or loving gesture during a time of critical need or excruciating pain. It is by our passion and the size of our hearts our fight for survival is fueled, not by the hands of your chosen God. We find our greatest reward in the strength we muster to go the extra mile because we cherish life above all else. Please, let us speak well of one another. We might just see a chain reaction of hope and kindness evolve as a result of our actions. How beautiful our world would be.

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