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    Posted June 13, 2013 by
    Glendale, California
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Kids: What makes your dad great?

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    A Father's Day Wish


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     jaxanddoug wrote a heartfelt poem for his 8-year-old daughter, Isabella, as a way of sharing his Father’s Day wishes for her. 'I think the six-month anniversary of Sandy Hook and the tragic death of the children at the school in Oklahoma after the tornado just a few weeks ago made me hold my daughter a little tighter,' he said. 'It is hard to pin point exactly what drove me to write this, but it was late at night and when I read what I typed in the morning, it just felt honest and heartfelt.'
    - zdan, CNN iReport producer

    A Fathers Day Wish


    A simple wish to a daughter from a father


    I wish for a world that will accept for you for who you become
    I wish for people to judge you by the actions you take, not the image you portray
    I wish for your fears to never come true
    I wish for your dreams to become reality
    I wish for your genuine love of nature and animals to forever fill you with happiness
    I wish for no illness to ravage your body
    I wish for no other human to harm or hurt you
    I wish for an environment that keeps you safe
    I wish for time to turn back so I never have to see you grow up
    I wish you will understand the importance of a smile
    I wish you never to forget to laugh at yourself
    I wish you will receive the greatest education
    I wish you the best of health
    I wish you the strength to move mountains
    I wish you the will to push forward
    I wish you the courage to dive into the deep end
    I wish you to never lose your giggle and smile
    I wish you find a faith that will guide you during life
    I wish you the loving embrace of another human being who loves you for you
    I wish for you to never give up, never give in and always do your best
    I wish for a world where war and terrorism has been abolished
    I wish that day I say goodbye, never has to come
    I wish I could be there for all of your biggest moments
    I wish that when you needed me the most, I would be there
    I wish that you find your place in this world
    I wish you will never forget the joy of jumping in the pile of leaves
    I wish you never to lose your awe of the stars at night
    I wish you never have to lose your innocence
    I wish for you to have better life then my own
    I wish you always cherish a freshly baked, still warm chocolate chip cookie
    I wish you will never try alcohol, but when you do you respect its power
    I wish drugs where never created and you never to be tempted
    I wish for one day you will have your own children
    I wish that as I grow old, you don’t treat me so
    I wish I never have to let go of your hand
    I wish that one day you will read this and know I wrote from the bottom of my heart
    My simple wish for you is to simply live happily, healthy and safely



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