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    The Middle Eastern Solution.

    Since we are witnessing a major political reform in Iran due to the latest victory of modern Shi’a clerk President Rouhani. This reform could signify the transparency of Iran’s nuclear program and of course it might stop supporting Lebanese Iranian Terrorist organization, hezballah.

    The end of the conflict in Syria, and the political reform in Iran, also signifies a major political reform in Lebanon, as most of the Lebanese have been suppressed by hezballah for a long time, due to fear for their own lives.

    The end of the conflict is without a doubt a chance to bring a new world order and peace upon a lot of people, and it is crucial and important at this point on how things should be handled as what is happening now is a new chance, beginning and hope for a lot of people or possibly the beginning of much more dangerous, that involve much massacres, pain, hurts and killings, and I think all of us as human have learned our lesson from history, right now, we are standing at a crossroad to bring something the world never knew before.

    The situation in the Middle East has long erupted and right now its standing at a cross road or rather or it is rather calling for renewal, shamefully, plenty of crimes have already happened and thankfully the majority there is just waiting for someone to reach out his hand and end this conflict once and for all so a new dawn and age on the Middle East on all Syria, Lebanon and Iran, and a thought of world peace is finally possible, Middle East now, Africa and Eastern Asia later, we are heading in a good direction, if we let it, or a bad one if we let it.

    More importantly, how to we bring a peaceful end to the conflict in the Middle East.

    We are going to be look at some facts here that are going to help us reach some sort of resolution:

    .Iran is undergoing a positive political reform in terms of peace and its relationship towards the West, so it seems so far. The West have also responded positively. Major plus for a much more modern and peaceful future.

    .Majority of the Lebanese people are anti terrorism and specifically anti hezbollah, though they do not have the resources, weaponry or knowledge to fight back, and they do not even want to fight back, most youth and adults in Lebanon are quite modern, they have been silenced through assassinations, intimidation and killings by hezballah.

    .Lebanon is a country that hold major international Music/Arts/Cultural events hosting bands such as Guns and Roses, Scorpions, David Gilmour, Deep Purple, Anathema, Armin Van Buren, Enrique Iglesias, Pet Shop Boys, Gorillaz, Akon, Yanni, Tiesto, Snoop Dog, Dubstep, Trance, Old school and new age music, Psychedelic festivals, Dubstep events and these are just one of the few names that went there, even the Dalai Lama was there for a few days giving lectures. There is major beach resorts, Ski resorts, beautiful mountains. Part of the Lebanese is fighting, and the smallest portion of it.

    .Syria modern rebels are getting killed day by day. Syrian refugees human condition is getting weaker day by day, there is nothing more that these people want then to return to their country peacefully.

    .The Assaad regime does not wants to step down peacefully, it does know that if it does steps down then without a doubt it knows, there is no coming back in power, hezballah realizes the same thing, right now it is a battle of life and death for both Assad and hezballah since it is highly possible that there is no Iran backing both of them anymore.

    We learn from this that there is plenty of people waiting to end this problem, and our solution should be to reach out for these people. Reach out for the politicians that supports the idea of peace and the west in Lebanon. Let the U.N, U.S and it allies offers its help for the people there if they have too, though U.N, U.S and its allies, have to let the people know there why they are offering their help, rather then make them think they are being attacked in both Syria and Lebanon if the conflict spilled out to there, wish is already have briefly started.

    Also, we see that peace is possible and a major political reform is underway, but of course if we are going to go distributing weapons or guns blazing than of course a settlement is not going to be reached and who knows what is going to happen later with the weapons or when someone controls the country.

    Western civilians should also be rest assured that the right thing is happening, and the answer here is unfortunately is not just giving weapons, it could possibly be not giving weapons at all.

    How do you reach a peaceful resolutions for such a case.

    There is two common points.

    .If Lebanon, its people and the region are ever bound to have peace then un doubtfully hezballah have to surrender his weapons to the Lebanese, wish is not going to happen, they are already in it too far. They care about authority this is what they know.

    .Syrian people are not going to forgive Bashar al Assad, current government president, and if the conflict continues then more modern civilians are going to be either radicalized, be killed, force to fight or flee the country to live in a refugee camp. Al Assad is in till the end, he like hezballah would not give up authority.

    If they both assure victories then countless massacres are going to be committed against they people of Lebanon and Syria.

    And a chance for eternal peace in the area could possibly go away, this without a doubt is a complicated situation, and its real solution is one, if you arm the rebels then it is going to end up hurting both the western world and the Syrian people more and more, since the conflict will just go for longer.

    One solution is at hand and no other.

    United Nations what are you waiting for to spread your boots on ground? Arab Nations what are you waiting for. Put up army of different nationalities, go there, raise awareness, investigate the people, let an international community do an investigation in both Lebanon and Syria, let the results of the investigation determine the future of the Countries, let both sides in Syria that the international community will not tolerate any violations of human rights, and any outcome by that investigation let the international community work by it.

    If it had both Americans and Russians working equally, and both later have assured that they will follow a certain protocol or plan there, then, there you go, all of the Middle East have been reformed and future is much and much bigger, then it was yesterday.

    Peace could come at the price of a chance, of a well measured plan, of a well measured unity between the world. We have always seen us fight us, yet have we have ever seen us work with us to end a War.

    Right now an entire future generation is based on our decisions, let us measure it wisely, and if we measure in United hands then we have truly indeed given this world a new peace full order.

    It is up to us to end some of the things, but a more important question is how are we going to end things to assure a peace full future, and without an eye on the scene our goals are going to be rather impossible, it will end up making things much worse.

    A solution is easily found, are we willing to carry it though?

    Solution regarding peace can thoroughly be studied and intellectually applied, though some harsh points must be put at the end of the line, and before crossing the line, let the people know why is the line getting crossed, then forever peace is at hands in the Middle East, even if it would take some effort, yet this effort could possibly be the last shape of harsh darkness this World could witness in some time.

    Once the international of the Middle East is cleared then attention towards Africa or Tibet where extreme type of barbaric crimes are taking hand, this world could possibly at a crucial turn, let us take the time to foresee a plan that can provide peace once and for all.
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