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    Posted June 18, 2013 by
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    Obama Lies, NSA Lies; America paralyzed with confusion


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     DesireG told me, 'The constant spin on whether or not the NSA spying program has gone too far seems to be causing confusion for fellow Americans in my circle. I worry that many of us are not able to respond because we are not sure who to believe. I also think we are stunned and it feels so surreal that we are not able to react momentarily. We tried giving Obama the benefit of a doubt but all we've gotten in return is the NSA spying on innocent Americans, the droning of Americans, the arming of Syrian (terrorist) rebels and the questionable wiretapping of AP reporters. When will enough be enough?'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    With the NSA spying scandal destroying the precious legacy of the President and his approval ratings falling off of a cliff Obama is proving to be just another politician with great acting skills.

    Yes America anyone who voted for this brotha got played like a drum set. Even Edward Snowden acknowledged he got played until he took a stand to not be played anymore.

    Now if you're feeling a little crazy like this isn't making any sense. Like this is too surreal for your mind to understand. The confusion is not an accident. You are confused because this entire country is confused. And when you are being lied to you can't help but be confused.

    America we don’t know who to trust in government because our moral compass has been broken and no one has really taken time out to fix it.

    It’s hard to face that Obama & congress have betrayed the American people's trust but then again he is and isn't a traitor depending on which America you are referring to. You see… there is one America driven by WAR lust and profiteering and then there is another America that believes in the ethical principles of governing, which are laid out in our Constitution.

    Right now we are Jekyll and Hyde to the rest of the world and even more so to ourselves. There is culture war going on in America between the Profiteers and the People. Between the war-hawks who make money off of discord and the everyday people who want to believe we can achieve life liberty and the pursuit of happiness without killing our neighbor.

    So until we admit in one accord that this is what's happening to us we will continue to be confused by our own duplicity as a nation.
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