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    Dr. Zev Mellman Shares How to Live a Healthy and Energetic Life After Retirement


    Most of us go through life with aches and 'pains, thinking that it's all part of growing old. But imagine what a life you'll have if you allow your pain and discomfort to accumulate and catch up to you just as you are getting ready to enjoy life.

    Retired NFL athlete Najeh Davenport's secret to improving his odds of living a long, healthy, and energetic life is a corrective chiropractic doctor by the name of Zev Mellman. Dr. Zev 'understands first hand just how one's posture can affect the type of life they live. "Your spine is the core foundation for health, strength, and vitality" says Dr. Zev, "Whether you are an NFL player or sitting behind the computer 8 hours a day, the effects of postural misalignments are the same."

    Dr. Zev Mellman is referring to millions of people who spend countless hours in front of their computers or tinkering with their smart phones, accelerating stress on their spine and distorting their posture. "Postural misalignments put unnecessary pressure on one's nerves, contributing to dysfunction, fatigue, and the onset of disease" says Dr. Zev; "the sooner you take care of your spine, the better your odds of living a healthy and energetic life."

    As for Najeh Davenport, he is enjoying his retirement by chasing his next passion, film making. His current project is a documentary called U-Reloaded, focusing on the U's rise for its 5th national championship chronicling the program from its NCAA
    sanctions in 1995 to its national title in 2001.

    Dr. Zev Mellman of Pembroke Pines, Florida uses the most scientific and research-based chiropractic technique. Chiropractic BioPhysics (or CBP) which helps the spine regain its normal curvature through non-invasive and calculated treatments.
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