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    Posted June 22, 2013 by
    Bangkok, Thailand

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    An Open Letter from concerned Thai citizens

    Dear All Members and Associates of the Community of Democracies,

    With reference to your honoring Thailand with an opportunity for Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra to deliver a speech at the Conference of the Community of Democracies, held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on 29th April 2013 whereby she appealed to the international community to render support to her and her family’s struggle.

    We, as Thai citizens, would like to affirm that what she said was a set of self-serving lies angling for sympathy. It was similar to what she did previously in her appearance before the Thai Court of Justice to tell lies in the case concerning the hiding of her family’s assets.

    The true nature of Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra and that of her siblings is not that of fighters for democracy at all. On the contrary, the Shinawatra family has been trying by dubious means for the past ten years to take over Thailand and turn it into a kind of state enterprise. They have been investing to the tune of more than five billion baht, to set up a political party to cage in members of parliament (MPs) to help them to attain power which so far has resulted in 3 members of the family becoming Prime Ministers of Thailand.

    Ms Yingluck was handpicked by her brother Thaksin Shinawatra to assume the premiership with the sole task of amending laws to whitewash their family of corruption charges.

    Ms. Yingluck’s assumption of office to continue and perpetuate her family’s dominance is no different from that of Mr. Kim Jong Il’s continuation of his family’s control over North Korea. Ms. Yingluck’s tenure is totally dependent on the wishes and orders of her brother, Thaksin Shinawatra.

    Excellencies, although you saw the physical presence of Ms. Yingluck before you, her thoughts and utterances were all directed from afar by her manipulative and demanding brother.

    Successes at past general elections were simply legalizing acts of authorization of this authoritarian family to gain power, to capture and subjugate the country. If your Excellencies were to be more judicious and scrutinizing you would have found out that the Shinawatra-owned Pheu Thai Party is full of stooges in the guise of Members of Parliament. They are no different from members of the Communist Party of North Korea.

    The Thai media in general behave in a similarly subservient manner, being commissioned by the Shinawatra family to create personality cults and promote public adoration for themselves. They behave no differently from the North Korean media.
    If you pay a visit to North Korea you will witness the omnipresence of portraits of the leader. In Thailand it is the same. These two likeminded families have thus been sending their followers and subordinates to infiltrate all strata of their respective societies.

    Excellencies, has not your Community stated in its Warsaw Declaration that the Community would join in efforts to promote “the making of democracy a reality” in every part of the earth? If so, you must first be able to distinguish which countries are authoritarian and which are democratic.
    Human history has ascertained clearly that the holding of general elections is not the only indication or proof of democracy. Dictators dressed up as democrats are many in this world of ours. We would like to assert therefore that the Shinawatra family’s rule is an amoral, ultra-capitalist authoritarian one in the cloak of democracy.

    The Shinawatras did not build up their wealth and fortune in the context of a liberal market economy that needs creativity, entrepreneurship and hard work. They obtained a monopoly of the telecommunication business through concessions gained from the military government of that time.

    They further enriched themselves through insider-trading in the stock market and the property market, buying up properties on a continuous basis. They used the accumulated wealth as an entry into the political arena. With their political power, they transformed public assets for the perpetuation of their family’s wealth. It is the use of power to generate wealth, and this wealth in turn generates yet more power. The country as a consequence has lost billions and billions of baht.

    In spite of the fact that 45 billion baht of their wealth was confiscated by the decision of the Court of Justice, the family still has hidden assets in various financial enclaves to the amount of more than 100 billion baht. They were even at one time owners of Manchester City Football Club.

    These are the clear facts and evidence before you, Excellencies.
    “Political corruption” through the acquisition of the loyalty of some Thai Members of Parliament, and the sale of votes of some Thai citizens, has culminated in the creation of a Shinawatra political corporation. This is the fundamental reason why political institutions, and the system of the rule of law as stipulated in the Constitution of Thailand could not and have not been able to lead us, as Thai citizens, towards a true and authentic democracy.
    Members of the Community, you may by now have understood that the attitude and reaction of the Thai populace to the conduct of the current government of Thailand is actually a forceful and genuine undertaking against the amoral-capitalist authoritarian regime of the Shinawatra family. It is not a reactionary force against democracy as claimed by Ms. Yingluck, in her shameless speech.
    We are against the Shinawatra family because this family is leading Thailand into an abyss of darkness. It injects greed, misinformation, anger and hate into the hearts and minds of the people in order to divide Thai society, which is at every second in the state of distancing itself from democracy and a peaceful environment.

    Today the Shinawatra family and their subordinates are redoubling their efforts to obstruct the Constitutional Court at all costs, in order to effect the amending of laws to white wash the wrong doings of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra.

    The real task and intention of Ms. Yingluck in Ulan Bator was to fool your Excellencies into believing that the Shinawatra family is the flagship and bearer of the torch of Thai democracy; and that the forces opposed to the family are reactionary and anti-democracy. Ms. Yingluck has appealed to your Excellencies that “if anything were to happen to her regime, the Community should impose sanctions and not accept such a change”. Your Excellencies must have realized by now what was the true message and intention of the Thaksin regime as delivered in the deceitful words of this Prime Minister.

    In conclusion it is hoped that the Community of Democracies and its members have by now learned the truth and are astute and judicious enough not to become a tool of the authoritarian Shinawatra family.
    We, the millions of Thai citizens, do not seek your help; we can solve our own problems. This Open Letter is intended to present a factual account and clarification that this lady Prime Minister of Thailand is not a representative of Thai democracy, not a representative of the truth, and not a responsible representative of the Thai people at all.

    With deepest respect from Concerned Thai citizens,

    May 2013, Bangkok
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