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    Posted June 23, 2013 by
    Punjab, Pakistan

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    Will Pakistan see atmosphere of 2007-9 again? Indicating since February 2013


    Since 2nd month 2013 I am saying...... “Will PMLN join vertex against terrorism, PPP, ANP, MQM stand where?
    It’s regrettable to think again about spell of terrorism as Pakistan beard in 2007-9. Actions of terrorists and reactions of Government are indicating huge clash about which I have uttered in article “will be the vote vain”
    As I understand until Terrorists will realize that they can’t compete against Pakistan and as well as against the civilized united world no peace negotiations will be successful. Just to get public appreciation for short time prevarication policy will be not fruitful.
    History is witness many times peace negotiations got dead lock & brakeage of agreement result was failure.
    I would like to remained story of Brazilian nitrous culprit named: Galileo and his Drugs network .He was very popular among the public especially in the town be brought up and living. When government took hard stance against him people protested against government. Because he spent lots of money on poor class to full fills their needs.
    So he was hero in general public. He used people as double human shield, and as well as weapon too. He used suicide attackers in public places to bend down government. And he always live in dense populated eras where there heavy ammunition useless, meanwhile gorillas operation was impossible because people withstand with security agencies if intelligence agencies got some information of His presence.
    By the use of modern technology and help of USA they caught him and put in jail. In favor of Galileo people came on road against Government even violent riots set whole the country unrest. Government made peace deal with Galileo only on one point agreement i.e Galileo will stop all his drugs and other unlawful, illegal business, and government will hose arrest him at his farm house. High security and intelligence agencies will stay at fame hose all expanses will be beard by government. Apart departure from form hose every liberty was provided to him even his family lived freely with him. Galileo sent his family in Germany first and again began His old evil business, Government officials renegotiated with him but vain. Galileo’s companions came with heavy admonitions brooked jail and took him back in business. Government of Brazil & USA again lunched operation against him then Brazilians &USA behaved brutally with all those were in favor of Galileo they killed about all companions of Galileo. Very few loyal of Galileo remained now tensed Galileo was hiding & saving his life that was uncontrollable, and band down government. One day military got information of his presence in town and in joint operation he was killed. Since that time Brazilian journey towards development and progress started.
    In May & June 2013 wave of terrorists attacks again signaling about what i said before .Drone attacks especially killing of one very important figure of TTP again made aggressive about Pakistan. Now one thing is clear that drones are damaging TTP to much that’s way the are crying about Drones, even their soft voice in Pakistan political filed are apposing drone by singing” it’s violation of sovereignty of Pakistan” then People from other countries living with Terrorists are not violating ? it’s just like it if Saudi Arab interfere in internal matters of Pakistan then no problem it’s brother Islamic country. If IMF, World Bank or some individual territories helping Pakistan to bring up just assist to make policy a group of people shout and make noise that others are giving dictation to Pakistan. It’s not only double standard it’s something more then it. So Last and final worlds from me Until Major Political Parties, All security Agencies,& Sperm Court and Army will not come at one point agenda, At one and only page, No body could be safe secure and sovereign.
    I have question to every Pakistani.
    If at your own residence a refuge gust will try to forcefully occupy or impose his /her rules on you what will be your behavior?
    Your answer is the solution of End terrorism.

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