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    Posted June 26, 2013 by
    Johns Island, South Carolina
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    Same-sex couples react to Supreme Court rulings

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    Party like it’s 1999? More like, party like it’s 2013! Untz, untz, untz. Today is a historical day for equality. I am beyond thrilled for everyone in the accepting states who are finally able to have the benefits and rights they deserve. It’s a wonderful step in the right direction, but I still can’t help but feel sad and disappointed that the ruling does not extend to all states, including South Carolina. Shocker. I can only hope we won’t be like the last kid picked in gym class.

    I always love to imagine the moment. That moment when legalizing gay marriage is put forth nationally, not state by state. Tears swell in my eyes just thinking about it. Julie and I would scream and shout, and break out into some foolish, celebratory dance, laughing and crying at the same time with our dogs barking wildly and probably clawing us half to death. I would immediately ditch work and take us out to celebrate, still dancing like a fool as we’d walk thru the streets in Charleston hand in hand. The celebration would never end until we both parted ways with this world (hopefully when we’re old and in bed together like the couple in "The Notebook").

    Coincidentally, the other day I was reading my journal from 4 years ago, before I came out. Most of the entries revolved around my confusion and unhappiness with myself. I remember being so afraid to even write down that I thought I was gay, because I didn’t want to die and have someone find my journal and BOOM! Secret’s out. I wrote about how I couldn’t picture my future at all - no marriage, no kids, no love. I thought I was doomed. But really, I just wasn’t being true to myself. It’s hard to see reality when you don’t embrace it. Furthermore, marriage wasn’t an option then, so how could I picture it happening when it wasn’t even possible?

    However, now everything seems possible! Especially right NOW. Even though we are essentially “married”, our actual dream is so close to becoming a reality. We will get married. We will have kids... in the form of puppies at least. I know it will happen, but the fight is far from over. I hope the Supreme Court takes the ruling a step further to make it a national law, so we can legally get married under big oak trees in Charleston, with our friends and family from all over the world sharing the joy and excitement on a day that once didn’t seem possible. Granted, we could get married in my home state of NJ and still have the federal benefits apply to us here, but that would be settling. There needs to be pressure for the remaining 37 states to move forward with equality and legalizing gay marriage. Until then, we will still celebrate this historical day. We’ll just save the foolish dance for when SC embraces the rainbow. As in legalizing gay marriage. Not Skittles. Cheers to LOVE!
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