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    Posted June 30, 2013 by
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Protests in Egypt: Your experiences

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    30-6-Egypt Vs Morsy


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     iReporter and photographer HasanAmin86 captured these lively images Sunday in the crowd of protesters marching against President Mohamed Morsy in Cairo, Egypt. "It was positive, a lot of Egyptians went to protest for the first time," he said. "They have faith that they can change [things] and that their fate is in their hands." The crowds, he said, were huge, and gathered all around the city's presidential palace, metro stations and streets. "They all were united on one demand -- Morsi to step down," he said. Please be warned one of these images contains a swear word. For more from CNN on the protests in Egypt, read the latest update.
    - sarahbrowngb, CNN iReport producer

    In Godfather III (the movie) there’s unforgettable dialogue between the Pope and Don Michael Corleone, Pope says:
    “Look at this stone. It has been in the water for a very long time, but the water has not penetrated it.
    -Pope cracks the stone-
    Look...Perfectly dry!!
    The same thing has happened to men in Europe.
    For centuries they have been surrounded by Christianity, but Christ has not penetrated.
    Christ doesn't live within them.”
    This is exactly what happened to Egyptian people, two and a half years since the revolution, protests, marches, strikes, Sit-ins, martyrs etc..
    And millions of Egyptians never believed in the revolution, but today, 30-6-2013 everything has changed!
    People went to the street for the first time to express their anger and to say NO to Morsy and his gang.
    Egyptian people (and I can say that almost all of them) knew what really the revolution is all about!
    It’s about expressing your refusal to unjust actions of any regime, to say it out loudly, I don’t accept this!
    The whole day with millions in almost all of Egypt streets demanding Morsy to step down, is something beyond description.
    Egyptian got united finally, with all the political points of views, on one man's heart: Step down, Morsy!
    He, Morsy, still has his minor supporters, but he really know how he’s popular in the Egyptian streets. He lost 99% of his support from ordinary people. He has to move from denial phase really quickly and start to react reasonably to Egyptians demands.
    (as in Kübler-Ross model)
    Hasan Amin

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