Open Story: Southern California wildfires

Editor's note: This story is a collaborative effort of iReport contributors telling the story of the wildfires in Southern California.
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  • Wildfires have scorched at least 10,000 acres in San Diego County
  • More than 15,000 residents have been evacuated
  • "It's a moving target," the San Marcos fire chief says

(CNN) -- Unprecedented wildfires have devastated Southern California, scorching tens of thousands of acres, jeopardizing homes and causing emergency evacuations.


Strong winds and drought-stricken land means that even a spark can set off another blaze, or even spawn "firenadoes" -- funnels of flames that look like tornadoes. With 10,000 acres of land already ravaged, thousands of homes are still in jeopardy as several fires rage in the San Diego area.


"It's scariest at the moment, with the fire now like 100 yards from the homes," San Marcos resident Kevin Giesey said. "I worry about the embers jumping into the grass next to the homes. It's frightening."


Photos: California wildfire


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