Open Story: Israel-Gaza conflict felt around the world

Editor's Note: This story is a collaborative effort of CNN and people around the world, who are seeing the ripple effect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
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  • While missiles fly in Mideast, tensions soar outside the region
  • Hatred, even violence, erupts at demonstrations in France and United States
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(CNN) -- Part of Jerusalem is seeing its worst flare-up in years. The abduction and killing of three Israeli teens who were on their way home from school in the West Bank brought the tensions to a breaking point in June, followed by the retaliation killing of a Palestinian teenager. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has continued to escalate since then with deadly Israeli airstrikes and Palestinian rocket attacks. Israel has launched a military ground operation into Gaza.


For people living in the region, air raid sirens and sleeping in shelters has become a part of daily life. But the effects of the conflict are rippling across the world, with protests cropping up in places like the U.S., Europe and Africa.


Violent passions of Israeli-Palestinian conflict echo across the world


Most of the protest footage we’ve received at CNN iReport is from pro-Palestinian supporters, while most of the on-the-ground images are from Israelis. Are there views we’re missing? Share your images, videos and personal essays and help us tell the story on CNN.


Conflict areas can be unpredictable and dangerous. Please do not put yourself in potentially unsafe situations.