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Editor's Note: This story is a collaborative effort of CNN and iReport contributors who are celebrating and documenting the royal wedding around the world.
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  • On April 29, Prince William and Kate Middleton will be married.
  • The ceremony will take place at 11 a.m. at Westminster Abbey in London, England.
  • Royal wedding watchers will gather at viewing parties around the world.

London, England (CNN) -- Prince William and Kate Middleton were married on April 29 at Westminster Abbey in London, in what was promised to be one of the most watched TV events ever.


An expected hundreds of thousands of people filled the London streets in hopes of catching a glimpse of the royal couple, while hundreds of millions of people watched on television at home. The wedding party made its way through the city, passing many of London’s most famous landmarks. And England’s capital is in full-on royal wedding kitsch mode, from viewing parties featuring tea and scones to endless Will and Kate memorabilia (royal wedding fridge, anyone?).


Elsewhere in the world, fans of William and Kate watched the big event with viewing parties featuring fascinators, tiaras, scones and all the royal trimmings.