Open Story: London riots

Editor's Note: This story is a collaborative effort of CNN and iReport contributors who are documenting the riots across the United Kingdom.
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  • More than 1,900 people have been arrested in London; it stays largely calm overnight
  • London police know they waited too long to take action, Cameron says
  • The cost of damage from rioting and looting stands at £100 million, insurers say

Britain's accused rioters are facing the courts in growing numbers, as the streets remain quiet and the police continue their efforts to bring all those responsible for rampaging through London and other cities to justice.


More than 1,900 people have now been arrested and about half that number charged, the majority in the capital -- and the front pages of British newspapers are filled with the accounts of those hauled up in court, many during special overnight sessions.


Before and After: Gallery of London riots


The violence first broke out in north London's Tottenham neighborhood after a protest over the death of a local man, Mark Duggan, who Prime Minister David Cameron said was shot by police, and spread on successive nights across London and other cities.


But after two nights of relative calm, much of the nation's attention has turned to what happens next for those caught -- and what the fallout from the disorder may be for British society.


Q&A: What sparked the London riots?


If you're in one of the UK cities where there's rioting, we'd like to hear what the scene is like. What emotions are you feeling in regards to the riots? Or, if things have calmed down, we'd like to see your images of the scene. Share your photos and videos, but please do stay out of any dangerous situations.