Open Story: Occupy Wall Street protests

Editor's Note: This story is a collaborative effort of CNN and iReport contributors who are documenting the Occupy Wall Street protests across the United States.
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  • Protests that began on Wall Street in September have gone global
  • Similar efforts have sprung up in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle
  • The movement is leaderless and its members have various reasons for demonstrating

(CNN) -- A spirited and leaderless protest in the Wall Street section of New York inspired a growing number of demonstrations across the world.


The protests, dubbed Occupy Wall Street, began on September 17, 2011, as hundreds of people descended on the streets of Manhattan's financial district. Since then, the movement has spread to dozens of other cities. And, on October 15, the movement went global with protests in dozens of countries.


The movement, which is modeled after social-media-driven demonstrations in the Middle East, aims to raise awareness about the role financial institutions played in the continued economic downturn affecting the world markets, and to show their discontent at the lukewarm attempts to prosecute those at fault. Demonstrators are also rallying against the state of the war in Afghanistan, the state of the environment, and a wide array of other domestic and international issues.


Occupy protests spread worldwide:


Are you attending or covering the protests in Wall Street? Have you witnessed the marches, sit-ins, or arrests taking place? Explore the iReport submissions above, and send us your photos and videos to add to the timeline.