Open Story: New Year's 2012

Editor's Note: This story is a collaborative effort of CNN journalists and iReport contributors celebrating New Year's Eve around the world.
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  • New Year's Eve is celebrated December 31 around the world with parties, fireworks and regional celebrations.
  • We want to see how your city or town rings in 2012.
  • Post a photo or video when the clock strikes midnight.

All around the world, people are celebrating the arrival of 2012. In some places, that means fireworks, parties and revelry.


We want to see how different parts of the planet toast this milestone. Does your city have a special tradition, quirky "drop" or signature  event?


When the clock strikes midnight, show us what's going on around you. That might include colorful décor, crazy glasses, noisemakers and awesome hats.


Share your festive photos and party videos on CNN iReport. Show the world how your city kicks off the new year.


Explore the iReport submissions above, and share your festive photos and videos to add to the timeline.