Open Story: Venus in transit

Editor's note: This story is a collaborative effort of CNN journalists and iReport contributors telling the story of Venus in transit.
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  • Venus crossed the Sun, appearing as a black dot.
  • iReporters creatively photographed the event, as directly watching could hurt your eyes.
  • The next Venus Transit will be in 2117.
  • Share your thoughts on the celestial event in the comments below

(CNN) -- Stargazers all over the world watched in awe as the planet Venus crossed between the Earth and the sun on Tuesday.


For seven glorious hours, a little black dot slowly crossed the face of the sun. Or, as NASA described, Venus's atmosphere was "backlit by solar fire ... transiting the sun's ghostly corona, and gliding past magnetic filaments big enough to swallow the planet whole."


Looking at the celestial event without the proper protection could damage your eyes, experts said, so onlookers had to get creative with the right eyewear.


Did you watch Venus cross the sun? Share your images with CNN iReport and tell us what method you used to view the event.


And for those of you who missed Venus in transit, we're sorry to report that it's not likely to happen again in your lifetime. The next transits will be in the years 2117 and 2125.