Open Story: DNC 2012

Editor's note: This story is a collaborative effort of iReport contributors and CNN staff members telling the story of 2012 Democratic National Convention.
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  • The Democratic National Convention is Sept. 3-6
  • CNN is sending three iReporters to Charlotte to be part of the excitement
  • Upload your images, and share comments below

(CNN) -- The Democratic National Convention kicks off in Charlotte, North Carolina, from September 3 – 6. Delegates from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories will gather together to nominate President Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate.


Your Political Ticket iReport contest winners Omekongo Dibinga, Melissa Fazli, and Willie Harris will be iReporting from the DNC. They will share updates from around the convention and daily video diaries here on this page, alongside stories from other iReporters and CNN contributors in the area.


If you’re a delegate with an inside view, a political junkie in town for the show or a local trying to dodge the crowds, we want to hear from you. Whether it’s droves of people in suits sporting a certain haircut or loads of intricate campaign signs, we’d like to see the convention through your eyes.


Send us your photos, videos and personal experiences from the Democrats’ big party. The best images could be used in CNN’s coverage of the DNC.